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10 Important Supplies to Always Have Nearby

There is a lot to prepping On the one hand, the concept is simple: be prepared for what might happen. That makes abundant sense. Getting there, however, can be complicated. Newbies especially find deciding what to include complex.

One could go to REI or Cabela’s and spend $10,000 and still leave off some essentials. What are the essentials? What are the things every prepper should have on hand? This is a good question for everyone, not just the newcomers.

Our friends at the Diehard Survivor site thought about this issue. They linked to a great video in their piece on 10 Items To Always Have. Check it out!

The Ten Essentials (VIDEO)

Video by BlackScoutSurvival / YouTube.

1. Medical Trauma Kit


This is more than a simple first aid kit. Think about the supplies Army medics or EMTs carry for advanced treatment.

2. Water


This is the most important item. No water means no life. Think about carrying bottled water as well as the ability to refine water in the field.

3. Food


After water, this is the penultimate supply one should be without.

4. A Stove


Cooking the food is important. Go with something small and light like a backpacking burner.

5. Lighters

Starting a fire or a camp stove requires a firing method. The video recommends BIC lighters for a start.

6. Shotgun


Weapons are supremely important for defense and hunting. The shotgun is the original multi-tool. If you have to pick just one weapon, the 12-gauge is the one.

7. Lighting


If the lights go off or you are in the field, it is still nice being able to see. Invest in a good lantern or two.

8. Emergency Radio

Information is critical in an emergency. Always have a radio so you are connected to the news sources. Use a hand cranked or solar model so you aren’t dependent on batteries for power.

9. Multi-tool


So, the shotgun is the original. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have another. These tools give you dozens of functions in a compact design.

10. Sleeping Bag

If you’re outside this makes perfect sense. It will keep you warm and comfortable. If you’re inside it will do for a thin mattress.

The video also mentions a few more items and gives some excellent advice. Watch the whole show!

Related Supply Information From Freedom Prepper:

Multi-Purpose Items For Your B.O.B.

Don’t let the challenges of prepping daunt you. Worse, don’t let them keep you from being prepared. This guide is a great start for those items you will really need and must have.

Going forward you will be able to build up your supplies. In the beginning, make sure you have the basics. And, keep coming back here for more great ideas and information.

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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1 Comment

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