10 Realizations You Will Have If You Ever Live Without Electricity (These are just the beginning)

Taking away electricity means rethinking your entire day and planning how you can go about your life without the need for electrically powered things. No matter who you are, no electricity results in a complete loss of normality and can affect you personally.

Imagine a day where you have to live without all the electric appliances that help you be efficient, get things done, and generally help you go about your life with ease. Now imagine that day and multiply it by infinity.

Imagine living without electricity for good and the problems that might come with it. Here are eight realizations you most certainly will have if you ever happen to live without electricity:

1. Dependence on electricity


The very first would be that we are very dependent on electricity for all our needs. No matter how easy you think it would be to live without it, it will be no easy challenge. Electricity powers all devices such as heat, transport, food, TVs, lights, communication devices like phones, etc., and you rely on every one of them to keep you alive and sustain you. Despite living without it hundreds of years before, we have become so reliant on electrical appliances now that it would come as a tremendous shock to many if it got cut off suddenly for all of eternity. 

2. Blinded without it 

Another realization that you will have is that it will be quite tricky to see during the evenings and nights. There is even the possibility that you would not be able to see at all. Your best shot at having light would be candles and lamps, which you cannot compare to a standard light. Now imagine a city without electricity in today’s day and age. How would that work?

3. Communication 

No surprise, communication will also be majorly affected. Phone signals and telephone lines would break down instantly. Your mobile phone will be unusable after its battery dies, and you will not be able to charge it. You will have to revert to using age-old communication devices such as a two-way radio, CB radio, or even walkie-talkies; this could be a problem since we are not used to working with such devices.

4. Life outside the house

It sometimes takes a loss of electricity to realize the end of our lives and how we used to lead it. It means that not only our appliances in our house will be affected, but even outside the home, everything will be affected as much. No petrol pumps, no factory produce, no ATMs, what can you even do? 

5. Compromise on food and water and heating

We need three things that we cannot live without – heat, water, and electricity. All of these get compromised when there is no electricity. The heating controls in our house would not work. The water system would become useless because they are dependent on electrical systems. Food production would stop because electricity is needed to run the factories from product to delivery.

6. Vulnerability sets in

Electricity is taken for granted in most countries. Unfortunately, there are still many countries today that have zero access to electricity. If you were left without electricity, you’d be left feeling insecure. Your identity, bills, work, investments, and so much more are all held together and accessible through electricity. Without it, you can only imagine what a nightmare life could become.

7. Alternate energy resources

Sooner or later, we will realize that we can gradually adapt to live without electricity. We will turn to alternate methods to run our life. The first alternate method is the most popular, solar power. Opting for off-grid solar power systems is expensive but can be an excellent investment in the long run. Solar power systems are the simplest and easiest way to benefit from solar power.

8. Battery power banks


With the threat of living without electricity looming over us, we turn to other sources. Battery power banks can be another great source of electricity. Renewable energy resources run because of a battery, and of course, people who live off the grid make their own energy and then use battery power banks to store the extra energy that is formed. These power banks won’t go down because of a power cut and can be used without worry. 

9. Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch with your family and your loved ones will be difficult. While you may have energy because of your prepping, others may not. Hence, asking for general updates whenever you feel like it might not be possible. It also means that you will be isolated from everyone and everything, not a healthy thing.

10. Uncertainty of energy resources

When relying on the national grid, we are pretty assured that we will be getting electricity 24/7 with quite rare power cuts. When you are producing your own, be it solar energy or wind energy, there will always be uncertainty about the amount produced during a day and if it’ll meet your requirements for the day.

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In conclusion, we have been taking electricity and its ability to power everything for granted. It is present in our lives, and we use it for everyday purposes without even thinking, “does this require electricity?” Only when we lose that privilege do we come to know of its importance.

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