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10 Vegetables You Can Plant in August and Still Harvest Before Winter

Fall and cooler temperatures are right around the corner. Football, hunting season, and the holidays are a welcomed change every year. However, the shorter days and colder weather generally means an end to gardening. Fear not! It is not too late, even in August, to get some seeds in the dirt.

Mary Dyer has a great article at Off the Grid News about late-summer gardening. Please read her recommendations for 10 Veggies you can grow from seeds (right now). Read it and then get going. By October you could start a harvest. And you don’t even need a hothouse.

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Dyer recommends the following for a great autumn garden:

  1. Cucumbers planted now still have time to yield a bountiful harvest.
  2. Kale thrives in cooler weather, even in winter.
  3. Lettuce also does well in cooler temps. Do remember to protect it from nightly frosts.
  4. Spinach can be grown from seed to harvest in only 45 days. Be strong to the finish.
  5. Baby Arugula is ready to pick in just a few short weeks after planting.
  6. Radishes are ready from seed to salad in about one month.
  7. Endive enjoys cooler weather and is also ready to eat in 1 – 2 months.
  8. Beets may be safely planted six to eight weeks before the first expected frost. Their zing cannot be beet (beat)…
  9. Collard Greens and their mustard cousins grow to edible maturity in less than two months.
  10. Turnips, certain varieties, actually taste better when grown cooler.

Dyer explains which varieties of these healthy foods do best this time of year. She also provides planting and tending tips. Again, please give her a read.

The time has passed for tomatoes, beans, and peppers. Yet, you can still enjoy your garden well into the fall. An added benefit of gardening this time of the year is that you won’t perspire as much. Inspiration without perspiration all with a garden full of healthy foods. These are tips that can’t be beet … beat…

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