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10 Ways to Survive an “American Blackout” While in an Apartment

apartment blackout

National Geographic’s made for TV movie American Blackout has gotten a lot of press lately, especially in the prepper community. Some say it was a bit extreme, some say it was not realistic enough, and I’ve heard a few that say it was almost right on for what they expect from a total grid down situation.


apartment blackout


How would you deal with a blackout if you live in an apartment? We’ve covered prepping while renting, but wanted you to see that even if you’re in an apartment you don’t have to abandon your home in the event of a a grid power failure.



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AptPrepper from The Apartment Preppers Blog has 10 tips for you to survive the “American Blackout” if you live in an apartment:


1. Hunker down – Unless you had a predetermined bugout location you can quickly run to like the “prepper family” you will need to weather the blackout right where you live.
2. Have at least two weeks or more worth of water, food and supplies – The blackout in the show lasted for 10 days; they were lucky it did not stretch out much longer. In reality, it may last longer so have as much as you are able to store.
3. You need a way to deal with waste – After the power grid went down, the tap stopped running soon after. There would be no way to flush the toilets. You’ll need a makeshift toilet, lots of heavy duty trash bags, cat litter, baking soda and bleach.
4. The “normalcy bias” will get you killed – In the show, several characters knew there was blackout, but still went about thinking things would operate the same as before. The pregnant lady expected to be able to drive to the hospital to deliver her baby, the high rise couple expected their credit cards would still work, and the teen boy did not expect widespread violence in the city.
5. Don’t neglect fire safety – The family in the suburbs in the show found their house burned down. Apartment dwellers are vulnerable to fire, due to proximity between units.
6. Security will be crucial – The high rise couple found that criminals were going door to door, breaking in and stealing everything in sight. Even if you live in a security building, the lack of electricity will cause security doors and alarms to fail. Find a way to make your apartment doors and windows more secure.
7. Find your escape routes – First figure out how to get home in an emergency. You need to know every entrance and exit to your building so you have an escape route out of your building.
8. Have ways to defend yourself – You can guess what happened to the woman in the high rise after the criminals caught up to her. If all else fails and you are not able to run out, as your doors get breached, you’ll need to be able to fight off your attackers. Know what weapons you can use and how they work.
9. You may lose contact with loved ones – This is one of the things I fear about a long term blackout: losing contact with loved ones. With no phones or computers working, you have no way to contact each other. Before anything happens, designate a meeting place in an emergency. Have backup communications, such as ham radio, two way radios.
10. Make your everyday carry count – The college students who were stuck in the elevator managed to climb out by combining items they had with them. Check your purse or pockets and see what can be useful in an emergency. Start carrying items you can use – Swiss army knife, paracord bracelet, LED flashlight etc.




This isn’t inclusive to just apartment living, it can be applied to just about anyone, but is geared towards anyone that lives in a big city. During any crisis surviving in a city will difficult very quickly. Its important to always be ready, you don’t know where you’ll be when/if the gird fails.


What tips do you have for surviving a grid down event in an apartment? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.



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