12 Fun Things To Do During Quarantine

For many of us, this quarantine period has given us a luxury that we’ve always dreamt of- time! The current lockdown presents us with ample opportunities to take up activities that we otherwise had no time for. Even though it may seem like a while before everything heads back to normalcy, it makes sense to engage in productive and meaningful activities during the quarantine. The activities listed below will keep you active, engaged, and also instill a bit of entertainment and education as well.

Here are 12 fun things to do during quarantine:

1. Re-Connect with family members.

In the regular course of life, we’re often caught up with our daily routine which usually involves going to work, coming home, completing chores, and sleeping. How much time did you spend with your family during the day? This period of isolation presents you with a unique opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. Activities like sharing meals together, playing board games, or even a family video gaming night every week, are great ways to strengthen family bonds.

Let’s face it, being in quarantine is mentally exhausting for everyone. What better way to let go of some of this stress than exchanging meaningful dialogues and spending valuable time with each other.

2. Tap into your inner Monet or Martha Stewart.

Got a penchant for arts and crafts but never had the time to pursue it? This lockdown period is a perfect opportunity for you to channel your inner artiste! Arts and crafts are a fabulous way to express your creativity and make something unique and beautiful. It’s also a smart way to channel some of that coronavirus anxiety that you might be experiencing. You can knit a sweater, crochet cushion covers, paint a canvass, make candles or jewelry, or fashion items from origami.

3. Start a pandemic journal.

For most of us, this pandemic is a new experience. Why not document it in a journal? You can keep a daily record of all developments that are happening around the world. Make it more personal by including your own thoughts and opinions. Be sure to date and time every entry. Write in your journal as often as you like. It can be a daily, weekly, biweekly, or even monthly account of your experiences. Once the lockdown period is over, your journal will become your personal historical record of the global pandemic. You can actually pass it down to your children and grandchildren. Keeping a journal is an excellent way to channel your ideas and feelings about the pandemic.

3. Become a bibliophile.

Now, is the perfect chance to devour those best-sellers and classics that you’ve always wanted to but never had the time to. Pick a room, corner, chair, or spot in your home and designate it as your reading space. Notify everyone that nobody is allowed to enter or disturb while you’re immersed in your favorite activity. Reading is a marvelous way to exercise your brain. It has many benefits. From building vocabulary, improving grammar, to lowering stress levels, reading is simply good for your brain and heart. If you’re concerned about social distancing, order your books online. Don’t forget to look at your bookshelf too. You’d be surprised how many books are waiting to have their pages turned.

4. Get moving!

Whether you’re an athlete or a couch potato, there’s no time like the present to develop a workout routine. A regular exercise regimen is key to keeping your body and mind active. Regular physical activity releases endorphins that act like ‘feel good’ hormones. Even if you don’t have any gym accessories at home, simply grab a jump rope and start jumping. If you’ve got a set of stairs, go up and down for as many sets and reps as you like. You can gradually increase the difficulty level. If you prefer something with a low impact, perform simple yoga asanas. The sun salutations or ‘Surya namaskar’ is a set of 12 low-impact steps that will give you a whole-body workout.

5. Become the next Mozart or Bobby Fischer.

Do you have a keyboard, guitar, or violin that’s bumming around your attic?
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Here’s your chance to develop your instrument playing skills. Practicing an instrument on a regular basis will help you develop a new skill. In addition, learning music is beneficial for brain health. Similarly, if you’ve always wanted to improve your chess game, then this lockdown period is your chance. Challenge your family members to a daily chess match. This will surely help sharpen your chess skills!

6. Meditate

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There’s no time like the present to develop mindfulness. What is mindfulness? It is a way to maintain a conscious thought of your feelings, surroundings, emotions, and mind. This is developed over time through meditation. Through meditation, you can overcome stress and develop an inner sense of calm. The present is worrying and the future is uncertain. Meditation is one of the few ways to attain physical well-being and peace of mind. To practice meditation, find a quiet space in your home. Place a small rug on the floor and sit on it with your legs crossed. Keep each arm above each thigh with the palm facing upwards. Now take a deep breath and close your eyes. You can chant a mantra or play meditation music in the background. Try to keep your mind from wavering. Focus on the present moment.

7. Tackle home improvement projects.

Does your cupboard look like it’s falling off the hinges? Can your bedroom do with a coat of paint? Do your windows look like they need a good washing? With lots of free time in your hands, this is a perfect time to put on your tool belt and fix things around your home. There’s nothing more satisfying than repairing something properly on your own. It fills you with a sense of self-satisfaction and purpose.

8. Take long walks.

Walking is the best exercise. It relaxes the mind and body. It’s the best low-impact exercise for all age groups! Put on your walking shoes, face mask, hat, and sunglasses, and go for a walk. Make walking a part of your daily regimen. If possible, take a walk in a park or garden. Walking is an effective antidote for stress and anxiety.

9. Channel your inner master chef.

Use this quarantine period to showcase your culinary talents. You can learn a new cuisine or practice your existing skills. Cooking is a fun-filled activity that activates all your senses. It’s a great activity to get the entire family involved. In fact, you can plan a multi-course meal each week and assign each course to every family member! This is a great way to create happy memories during a difficult time.

10. Catch up on your zzz’s

Before the lockdown, your routine probably consisted of getting up very early and going to bed late. Over time, this schedule has probably cut down on your sleep quantity and quality. Lack of sleep will affect your health. It can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, and even type 2 diabetes. Use this special time to catch up on your sleep. Your brain and body will thank you. Understandably, you may find it hard to fall asleep with the current economic situation in the back of your mind. Play relaxing music or take a long bath before going to bed. You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn. Take an extra hour or two get up in the morning.

11. Start a container garden.

Gardening is a relaxing activity all around. Most city dwellers don’t have space for a garden, but you can always opt for a container garden. A container garden lets you bring the outdoors indoors! This is your chance to grow fresh herbs and spice up your dishes. You may also plant tomatoes, chilies, lady fingers, and spinach. This is your chance to connect with nature, albeit in a small way.

12. De-clutter your home.

There’s nothing like a little spring cleaning to freshen up your home. We’ve got a lot of stuff piled up in our closets, cupboards, garages, and attics. This quarantine time is perfect for getting rid of excess items from our homes. You can donate many of these items such as clothing, toys, books, cookware, furniture, etc. You can also give them away to friends or family members who might need them. Some organizations are happy to take certain items like shoes and clothing off your hands for a small fee. De-cluttering frees up a lot of valuable space. It also creates awareness about the excesses we tend to accumulate.

The current lockdown period is a time of great insecurity and concern. As we wait it out at home, we can learn to make the most of this difficult time by taking up fun and productive challenges. These will help you achieve a healthy and happy state of mind and well-being.

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