12 Reasons Preppers Should Consider Homeschooling

12 Reasons Preppers Should Consider Homeschooling


Last week’s school shooting in Florida, the U.S.’s 18th this year, left 17 people dead. It’s a story we hear all to frequently, even if the true statistics are a little different than the media would portray them. Still, 17 dead is 17 too many.


The idiot media and the useless politicians concentrate on the guns, on “sensible” gun control – whatever that is. In truth, only an avowed communist will be honest as to what it really means – no private guns period. And the talking heads ignore the defensive nature of the guns and they ignore the hundreds of common sense and otherwise laws already on the books – that don’t work. They ignore the psych medication in all these cases. And they ignore the fact that all of these shootings happen at government schools.


I mentioned that last bit the other day. There is no record of any mass shootings at home schools. Here’s a related video with 12 astounding reasons to consider getting your children away from the “gun free” killing zones of our public schools:


Video by Prepper Homestead/YouTube.



I count 12 guns right there, in the man’s pants. That’s just insane. And one is a full-length 12 gauge (870 maybe?); another is an Uzi or similar machine pistol.


Odds are, someone with htat many guns would stand out, probably finding it hard to walk. And the combination of firepower is out of balance. It would be “better” from a shooter’s perspective to just carry the Uzi and many, many spare, loaded magazines. Maybe a backup. But the point is – all those weapons can easily be concealed under jeans and a polo shirt.


Legacy Food Storage

ANyone can walk onto a campus with guns and commence shooting. Most never will, thank God. But the chance is there.


A deputy was on patrol last week when Nikolas de Jesus Cruz started shooting. One man, unless he’s in the right place at the right time is not a deterrent.


In a world gone seemingly mad it’s up to us to protect our children. Home schooling may be a viable alternative Think about it.


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