13 More Riot Survival Tips

13 More Riot Survival Tips

Alright. All-right. ALL RIGHT! It’s a new (old) video from Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy! And, new or old, this one couldn’t be more timely.

We’re rolling along with the Freedom Prepper civil unrest series of October. Now, wouldn’t you know it, but the dynamic medical prepping duo put together a list of riot survival tips over three years before the current unpleasantness started! Their predictions of extremism were as accurate as the unfolding events are disturbing. That’s the level of forethought we can expect, time-tested common-sense measures to ensure personal safety.

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Best-selling authors and medical professionals Joe and Amy Alton know what they’re doing, with all things medicine and all else preparedness. We’re fortunate to have them on our side, in general. We’re very lucky to receive these tips, specifically.


You need a plan, a strategy. If, by any means it is possible, then STAY AWAY! If not, then:

One. “Yellow Alert”

This has nothing to do with readiness on a warship. It’s our old friend, situational awareness. Take into constant consideration your surroundings, including who is out there and what they are doing. If the behaviors noticeably deteriorate, then it is time to leave.

Two. Look For The Exit

This was once Sesame Street-level advice. But, today, too many people only stumble around with their heads buried in their phones. That’s a potential ticket to trouble. Always scout for a way to get out of any area or enclosure. Do this mentally and by second nature. That way, if you have to leave in a hurry, you’ll know where to go.

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Three. Skirt The Fringes

This by no means to cavort with the most extreme elements you find – it’s the exact opposite, in fact. It means to stay on the outside edge of any crowd you encounter. Why? Because it’s easier to break away if you’re already next to the clear, safe spaces (take that, SJWs!). If you’re in the middle of 20, 200, or 2,000 protesters or rioters, then you will have a longer, slower, and more dangerous trek out of the madness.

And, if they, like a school of fish, start moving towards some violent event, then you need to move the other way, which is easier if you’re already on the outer edge of the masses.

Four. Avoid Confrontation

You might be the biggest supporter that Donald Trump has. That’s great unless or until you’re surrounded by people who hate him and those who visibly support him. Take off the MAGA hat. Try to blend in. And, under no circumstances should you confront, argue with, or otherwise engage with dangerous people out for a night of destruction. You cannot reason with a mob, don’t try.

Five. Be A Masked Man

This might be the only time I’d support having some sort of face-covering available. But, if you have one (of any kind) handy, then it might keep the worst of the pepper spray or CS gas or whatever out of your lungs. It’s harder to run away when you’re gasping for air. Try to keep the coloring neutral so you’re not mistaken for an Antifa “ninja” or a bank robber.

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Six. Fleet Feet

Wear sneakers, running shoes, combat boots, or other footwear that you can sprint in. Ladies, this is not an event for high heels. If you find yourself in trouble while wearing three-inch spikes, then remove them and go barefoot – fast. Other clothing items can be purpose-driven too. 


Seven. Watch The Cops

Watch, but do not interfere with what they’re doing. They are there for general public safety and not necessarily for you. Bother one of them and they might arrest or smack you. If they move towards danger, then you go the other way. 


Eight: Walk, Don’t Run

If everyone else is moving slowly, then you will stand out by running. Make your escape stealthily and as fast as WALKING will take you. This, of course, does not apply to a life and death crisis. If a bomb goes off, you won’t be the only one running.


Try as best you can to be the grey man – blend in with the crowd. At the beach, your tux would make you conspicuous and draw attention. At a BLM riot, that Trump 2020 hat or t-shirt does the same thing. Use your head and maybe it won’t get hit with a bike lock.

Ten. Stay Together

If you’re with friends – and it would be better to not be alone – then do not become separated. There are safety and confidence in higher numbers.

Eleven. Don’t Get Caught

That should go without saying. Just try and avoid walls, fences, and other obstructions where by you might be stopped or trapped. 



Twelve. Fluids

Carry water or milk. Yes, you can drink it should you become thirsty. You can also use it to flush pepper spray or other irritants out of your eyes or the eyes of someone in the group.

Thirteen. Carry A Medical Kit

Perrin loves to leave the last item off, but this one is too important. Be prepared to render aid as necessary. Just exercise caution in doing so. I hate to say this, but do not stop to help the enemy. That truly kind tactic slowed down America’s hero, Kyle Rittenhouse, placing him in greater danger. Also, if you carry the kit (and you should if possible), then know how to use it.

There’s much more than the above, summary points.

Watch the Video:

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We owe Dr. Joe greatly for this advice. At the very least, please “like” the video and pass the link along to friends.

Take a moment and skip over to the Bones and Amy Channel on the YouTube set. If you’re an old Freedom Prepper holdout, then you already know. If you’re new, then consider signing up for all the best prepper information on the net – and not just about medical matters either.

D&B. Support the Mission … or else.

Then, take a detour over to their dedicated website, Doom and Bloom. Bookmark that – you will not regret it. It’s more advice, more training, and more resources than maybe we deserve. No regrets. You also won’t regret coming back as our series on unrest moves forward into a certainly uncertain future.

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