13 Tips to Avoid Mob Violence and Riots

13 Tips to Avoid Mob Violence and Riots


The uproar of the Charlottesville riots just won’t die down. The network news dedicated at least 70% of their coverage last night to the subject and President Trump’s response thereto (100%! In CBS’s case).


It’s an issue that’s (sadly) not going away. Therefore, I today offer you more ways to protect yourself in the event that find yourself in or near one of these mass mob spectacles of violence.


Again, Perrin’s first rule of avoidance is to avoid: Don’t Be There!


But if you are, Dr. Joe Alton (“Dr. Bones”) has some good tips on surviving and getting away safely. Please watch the following:


Video by Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy/YouTube.



He also wrote out his tips in This Article on the same subject. Please click, read, and appreciate just what is at stake.


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A summary of the tips:


  1. Always be alert and always use situational awareness. Always.


  1. Know the area and plan multiple escape routes.


  1. Stay on the outside of masses of people.


  1. Avoid all confrontations – start nothing.


  1. Consider a makeshift gas mask.


  1. You may have to run, wear Running Shoes.


  1. Be mindful of the police. (Don’t count on them to help you).


  1. Despite those shoes, only run if you have to (don’t trigger a “predator/prey” response).


  1. Be the “gray man.”


  1. Safety is in numbers.


  1. Avoid “crowd crush.”


  1. Carry water.Carry a first aid kit. Hope you don’t need it.


13. Carry a first aid kit. Hope you don’t need it.



“It’s likely you’ll never get caught in civil unrest, but having a solid plan of action in these troubled times just makes common sense. We must be prepared for man-made disasters just as we should be prepared for hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.”

– Dr. Joe Alton, MD


As a bonus, here’s a slightly more extreme list of suggestions for what to do if you’re in a car and surrounded by violent protesters.


Gabe Suarez on Tactical Counter Protest Driving.


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Remember Reginald Denny? Don’t be like him. Photo by Gabe Suarez Blog.


Again, take all of this with a grain of salt. The odds are in your favor that you won’t need any of this information. However, if you happen to get caught in one of these events, the the odds will immeditely go to 100%.


Just as with anything else, it pays to be prepared – just in case.


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