15 EDC Tools Every Prepper Must Have!

15 EDC Tools Every Prepper Must Have!

It’s one second to midnight and IT has finally hit the fan. You know you have to move and move fast. Grab and go time. This is not a drill. It’s time to get the bag and bug out. Ready? I am, of course, being a little dramatic here, but this concept is important. The “ready” question is eternal to what we do and who we are. Part of being ready means having the right tools in that B.O.B when you have to grab it and run. It’s still important if you stay in place. In fact, having the right equipment is important even if the fan’s off and nothing is in danger of colliding with it. 

Hello, and welcome, friends. If you’re an old hand with all this stuff, sit back and enjoy an entertaining reminder. If you’re a newbie, then you’re about to pick up some excellent tips. “EDC,” for the neophytes among us, means “everyday carry.” These are the things you shouldn’t be without. 

Sootch00, THE Sensible Prepper, gives us close to half an hour’s worth of EDC happiness in one of his outstanding preparedness videos. As our title suggests, he’s wrangled up fifteen items no prepper should be without. The video comes along in a moment. Here’s a quick breakdown.

Really Cool Stuff

(Pics captured from Sensible Prepper video).

You can probably recognize some of these gems from the big, omnibus picture. A multitude of multi-tools! Here goes:

Sootch mentions the manly basics – a knife, a bifold, [keys], cellphone, etc. Then, he starts getting prepper-centric.


Unless you have some strange night vision, light is a must. The good news is that they come in all different kinds and at all different prices. They’re available everywhere. Many are designed for multiple roles.

With this number, as with many others, it pays to have more than one. A backup for the backup.


Not a golf club either. This is a multi-tool with a multitude of driving heads for all kinds of screws. This model is by Gerber though one will find various makes on the market. Get the right one for your needs and kit. 

Phillips. Flat. It’s all there – in easy, adjustable form. Get one!


This is a Gerber multi-cutter. I’ve seen similar tools but this one is kind of unique. It’s a box-opener that also serves as a backup knife or even a weapon. There’s a pry bar on the end and a nail puller. Note the ever-important paracord. 

One thing I’ll say for something small like this is that it’s a great standby. For ripping open a crate or something, you’ll probably want the full-size bar. If that’s not available, there’s this. That’s why it’s EDC. Better to have and not need than the inconvenient alternative.

What’s This?

It’s another great little multi from Griffin. Take a careful look at just this picture. See the hex? How about the carabiner? Pry bar too, on this one. It’s an adventure tool that fits right in a pocket or certainly in the B.O.B. 

Keep looking at it for a second. Those little notches are there for a reason – and not just for griping. See the Phillips head? A backup to the backup for the alternative for the… 

By the way, most of these featured tools are inexpensive and all are built to last.


??? It’s not just a skull-shaped cool thing. A skull with a crown bearing fractionated measurements? Could the name have something to do with living on the central Tampa peninsula? You know what – no, to the Tampa question – but, you’ll have to watch in a second to find out.

The Spike

This one really requires no explanation, although Sootch gives a great one. It’s a steel spike. Think of the possibilities.

Digging. Stabbing. Probing, Propping. What, really can’t it do? Whether you’re bugged out, fishing, hunting, tooling around, or working on a project, the uses will present themselves.

Helix Key Ring

It’s solid brass and the ends unscrew. That means it is super easy to get keys on and off. Think about it and you can probably come up with more uses. This one came from Urban EDC Supply. 

Okay, that’s not a full fifteen. I’m cheating you, having skipped over a few items. Trust me, they’re all worth seeing. They’re worth getting. And using. They’re certainly worth watching. So, without anything further, here’s,


(Sensible Prepper/YouTube).

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