19 Amazing Uses for Plastic Water Bottles

19 Amazing Uses for Plastic Water Bottles


Modern Survival Online and Ryan presented an amazing list of uses for used plastic bottles. Some of these are obvious and some you might never have thought of (or I wouldn’t have). Please click the link and show them your appreciation.


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“I must say that it saddens me seeing what humans have done to our planet.  Any time you find a water source, you will likely find trash scattered along the shore.  Often times this trash is going to be plastic bottles.  It seems to be the most common item to be tossed aside, especially in water.  This litter is absolutely destroying our planet.

However, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. …”



Here are the great, responsible ways to use those discarded bottles:

1. Boiling Water

One can (carefully) boil water in plastic bottles. Hang one over a fire or heat source and wait. Make sure the bottle does not melt or burn.

2. UV Purification

Direct sunlight for about six hours will purify water.

3. Water Filter

A hole in the bottom of the bottle, charcoal, and cloth will do the trick. Three ways to clean water!

4. Create a Float

Seal it and float it. Great for fish traps, nets, etc.

5. Dry Cache

Food, fire starters, medical supplies, etc. Bottles designed to keep water in will also keep it out.

6. Trip-Wire System

Fill bottles with pebbles and tie them to a line. Test to make sure you can hear the rattling.

7. Lantern

Fill a bottle with water and aim a flashlight at it.

8. Firestarter

Use a filled bottled to focus in a lens effect. This may take aiming and effort.

9. Cordage

Carefully cut the bottle into fine strips and tie/wind them together.

10. Bulletproofing

These bottles, filled with dirt, can stop some bullets. Or, at least slow them down. Use to shelter defense or personal body armor.

11. Planting Veggies

Small, portable flower pots.

12. Fish Trap

I’ve posted several cool videos from Asia about this concept. YouTube search “bottle fish trap.” Amazing possibilities and results.

13. Solar Still

See the original for details on this fourth! Water collection/purification method.

14. As a Funnel

Cut just about any bottle in half and you instantly have a funnel.

15. Zero-Electricity Refrigeration

Keep bottles of water frozen in the freezer for those times when you need emergency ice and cooling.

16. Foot Protection

Actually done in many third world places. Flatten a larger bottle. Use cordage (maybe from another bottle) to make laces or thongs to run through the flat bottle sandle.

17. Broom

Cut a bottle in half or cut off the bottom. Cut the sides into many strips. Attach the mouth to a stick. A broom is born.

18. Warm Shower or Hand Wash

Set a full bottle in the sun for a while. Paint it black to heat the water faster. You can punch a hole in the top for a semi-pressurized stream.

19. Eye Protection

Cut two round sections out of a bottle and bind them with cordage (possible from the same bottle). Wear them with or without regular glasses. You can also use wood or rubber to make a tighter seal on the face.




Many of these I would have never thought of. You? It’s amazing what a list can do for your brain. You can probably think of another 19 uses. Try ‘em out!

Legacy Food Storage


And don’t forget about storing liquids in the recycled/reclaimed water bottles: coffee, beer, even water…


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