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19-YO “Mark Zuckerberg Of Guns” Builds Remarkable Smart Gun

One of the lies the gun grabbers tell is that you’re more likely to have your own gun used against you than to use if for self defense. They provide no statistics, of course. However, as foolish as that lie is, there is some truth to it. A criminal could possibly use your gun.

Unless it is a smart gun. The Tactical Life site posted a video article about a Smart Gun, built by 19-year-old Kai Kloepfer. Some call Kloepfer the “Mark Zuckerberg of guns”.

Smart Kid, Smart Gun

Video by Wall Street Journal / YouTube.


His gun locks itself if it does not recognize the owner’s fingerprint.

“I kept coming across these numbers about accidental gun deaths and suicides and things like that. We could have 1,200 children dying from gun accidents every single year, and that’s more than even your worst mass shooting,”

– Kloepfer, The Wall Street Journal.

Many manufacturers do not, yet, trust the technology.

“Your iPhone typically now has fingerprint recognition technology — it doesn’t always work. When it doesn’t work, you’re inconvenienced. In a firearm, if you’re using it for self defense and it doesn’t work, you’re not inconvenienced, you’re dead.”

– Larry Keane, general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, The Wall Street Journal.


Still, it’s a pretty cool idea.

Once technology evolves to address reliability issues, this may become as ubiquitous as safeties.

This young man probably has a bright future as an inventor and engineer. Watch the video and see what you think about his work. If his idea does go the Facebook route, it might be worth investing in.

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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