20 Things to do Now to get Your Home Ready for Riots and Civil Unrest

In modern times, public disorder, demonstrations, and public unrest happen for many reasons. These causes range from social injustices, economic hardships, political grievances and even objections to governments. While the thought of being surrounded by civil unrest can be terrifying, preparing for a riot is your best option at survival.

Here are 20 tips that will help you get your apartment or house ready for a riot:

1. Keep sufficient supplies.

Ensure you have enough supplies to last for at least two weeks. If you can gather three months or more of supplies, then that’s even better. Essential supplies include water, sanitation, and food.

2. Prepare a first aid kit and medical supply box.

A first aid kit is essential in keeping you and your family safe. If prescription medications are necessary, keep stock of at least two months. During a civil uprising, prescription drugs are often unavailable. It’s also helpful to keep certain over-the-counter medications such as medications for headaches, fevers, and cough/colds. Maintaining your health is essential for surviving a riot.

3. Learn a few self-sufficiency or homesteading skills.

You may be locked inside your home for a few weeks or even months. So it would help if you learn skills such as:

– sewing on a button or stitching up a hole

-baking bread

– cooking basic meals

– making butter and jam

– growing a small herb or vegetable garden

– making yogurt

– using cast iron cookware

– making a fire

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4. Check the safety features in your home.

Note down all the security options in your home. Look for weaknesses that need strengthening. You may have to change the locks or tighten the hinges on your door. Check the windows to make sure they close securely. Is your front door camera operational?

5. Create a personal self-defence system.

When preparing for a riot, you need to be aware that you might face violence. If possible, apply for a concealed weapon license. Stock up with ammunition. Practice routinely at the shooting range. Keep bully clubs, pepper sprays, and slingshots on hand. These can help fend off angry members of the mob.

6. Create a group of like-minded individuals.

Form a community of people who share the same civil unrest preparedness spirit as you do. This group will come in hand for safety and protection during difficult times. There is safety in numbers.

7. Stock up on cash.

Head to your nearest ATM BEFORE the riot gets out of hand, and withdraw as much cash as possible. Opt for small bills. Once the riot spreads, banks and ATMs will shut. Don’t count on using your credit or debit cards. It’s best to have cash on hand.

8. Have goods ready for bartering.

There is a possibility that store shelves will run out of supplies. What are you going to do? You need to be able to barter for essential supplies. What are good supplies for bartering?

– spirits like beer and wine

– batteries

– candles

– cooking oil

– first aid items

– sanitation supplies

– food

When you’re preparing for riots, it helps to have extra supplies on hand.

9. Keep the elderly, children, and pets in mind.

During a lockdown, this group is the most likely to panic and become fearful. Keep comfort and amusement items on hand. Good examples include games, books, arts and crafts supplies, etc.

10. Keep a library on hand.

Set up a library with a wide assortment of books, guides, and manuals. Some of the reading materials can be about preparing for a riot. Be sure to keep materials suitable for all ages.

11. Keep communication equipment ready.

Helpful equipment includes HAM radio, an emergency radio, an extra cell phone, and a shortwave scanner. This will help you stay in touch with friends and family members. Make sure you know how to use this equipment BEFORE a riot occurs.

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12. Stay cool and collected.

It’s important to keep a level head during uncertain times. Avoid taking sides or voicing your opinion out loud. In case you do get into any legal trouble, always be polite and courteous. Avoid resisting. You will be treated better if you don’t give others a hard time.

13. Plan for pets.

Pets are family members too. It’s impossible not to consider their health and safety during a riot. Keep a stash of at least three months of cat or dog food on hand. Don’t forget to have your pet’s vitamins, medications, and hygiene supplies in stock as well.

14. Learn basic self defense moves.

Once a riot breaks out, it’s possible that you may face a physical confrontation. You need to know how to defend yourself. Visit your local community center and sign up for self-defense classes. They will teach you all the essentials you need to fend off an attacker. It also teaches you situational awareness. Although most survival preparedness is focused on food and shelter, you still need to know how to defend yourself.

15. Try to stay fit.

There are various levels of physical fitness and abilities out there. However, it helps to be in the best health as much as possible. During a lockdown, you may be faced with additional physical labor than what you’re accustomed to. You may also face a food shortage if the area where you live remains in lockdown for a long time. Staying healthy and fit ahead of time will help in preparing for a riot.

19. Practice staying indoors.

This is a hard thing to do, especially if you’re a very social person. However, during an emergency, this skill can save your life. During civil unrest, it is not helpful to stay a social butterfly. Try to remain at home as much as possible, until the danger subsides.

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20. Stick to a routine.

Your mind is your biggest asset. During a lockdown, the situation will feel stressful and out of control. However, it helps to have an established routine. Fix a time for everything you do, i.e. waking up, eating breakfast, exercising, reading, working form home, etc. Sticking to a routine can help you come boredom.

Are you sitting at home, calm and relaxing while others are in full on panic mode?

Posted by Freedom Prepper on Sunday, November 15, 2020

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