Irma is Coming and Making Some New Preppers Too

Texas is still reeling from the terrible effects of Hurricane Harvey and, now, there is a new superstorm out in the Atlantic. Hurricane Irma is now, today, a Cat 5 monster, the strongest hurricane ever recorded. And it appears to be steaming straight towards Florida.


Floridians are taking notice too. Governor Rick Scott has preimptively declared a state of emergency. And otherwise “non-preppers” are emptying store shelves of everything from water to food to fuel.

“Hurricane Irma is continuing to strengthen as it moves through the Atlantic as a daunting Category 5 storm, now with 185 mph winds.

Irma has become one of the most powerful storms in history with the National Hurricane Center calling it “potentially catastrophic.” It’s tied with Hurricane Wilma as the second strongest storm that’s formed in the Atlantic Ocean on record, both just behind Hurricane Allen in 1980, which had wind speeds of 190 mph.

Gov. Rick Scott activated the Florida Air and Army National Guard Tuesday morning, with 100 members called up immediately and all 7,000 members told to report for duty Friday morning.

-Orlando Sentinel, Stephen Ruiz, David Harris and Christal Hayes.


Michael Snyder wrote a post on the emergency prepping going on right now:


“As Irma inches closer to Florida, “prepping fever” has hit the public.  Grocery stores and home improvement chains are already being flooded with traffic, and this is only going to get worse the closer that Irma gets.  The following comes from one local news report…

As Hurricane Irma continues to make its way towards a possible strike on the Southeastern U.S., stores in South Florida are beginning to see a rush for supplies.

Several Publix supermarkets were full before noon Monday as residents grabbed water, non-perishable food and other items.”


It’s great that people are taking precautions. The panic isn’t good though. Let this be a lesson for all of us (them too): prepare in advance and when things are “safe.” Never wait until the last minute. And try not to need a recent prompting, like Harvey to spur you on.


If you’re in the predicted path, now (right now) is the time for action. An evacuation may be uncalled for at this moment. However, you should already be stocked and ready to either ride it out or to flee. And, now, you should have plans for where to go if you have to run.


Don’t wait. At the last minute the streets and highways will be gridlocked if the storm heads for Miami, Tampa, or Orlando. Gas will be in short supply. Motels will be booked or even closed. Tempers will flare.


Do what you have to this week in preperation for a weekend hit (or miss). Hope for the later but plan for the former. Let’s hope, but not count on, this thing turning away from Florida and the US or just burning out. And do plan, please. Stay safe!

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