What it Really Takes for Nighttime Concealed Carry

CCW and firearms in general are more popular in America than ever. That’s good for us, bad for criminals and the libs. Too bad…


As more people tote, more people run the chance of having to use (or be aware) their weapon in the real world. The real, dark world is little like the confined training environment of the shooting range. The differences must be accounted for.


Part of the “dark” world is that (at night) it is dark. Still, defense requires being ready to react in low light situations. Tom Knighton at Bearing Arms wrote about the challenges of shooting and carrying at night. Please have a read:

“Nighttime is scary. Oh, most of us tend to pretend we’re big and bad and not bothered by the dark, but most of us are. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, either. It’s a primal fear that goes way back in our evolution. After all, predators lurked in the dark.

Unfortunately, they still do, only most of the predators we need to worry about prowl around on two legs instead of four.”



I don’t necessarily share the assessment of fear of the dark. Then again, I see better in it than most. But the average person has difficulty with shapes, colors, and movement in the dark. It makes sense to train to overcome these detractions.


Much crime happens under the cover of darkness. So, it is important (more important) to be armed at night. You must first understand the potential dangers. Then, you must counter it.


You can use the dark to cover yourself and hide from criminals, just as they hide in the dark.


If need be, you can use a light to even the odds. However, shooting in the dark is possible, so long as you practice it.


The original article links to a program for dark shooting. Look into it.


And, do not worry about giving away your position. If they know you’re there, they know. You, then, must neutralize the target – or be the target.


Look hard into these issues and prepare yourselves. Your life may well depend on it.

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