These May be the Best Places to Live Off Grid

Living “off the grid” is a dream for many and a reality for a lucky few. The terms even have different meanings for different people. Some want a little privacy. Others want to be totally away from humanity. To each his own, right?


Finding your perfect place to do whatever it is that you consider off-gridding can be a challenge. Some places offer better options than others.

Gaye wrote an article at Backdoor Survival on some of the very best places in the U.S. and around the world where one can live freely. Please check it out!

“To use this guide, you’ll have to decide what kind of factors you want to consider when deciding where to live off-grid, and (because no place is perfect) which of these factors is ultimately most important to you. If you’re more of a prepper/off grider, than the environmental threats section will be of special importance to you. Are you part of the tiny house movement? The laws and building codes will probably be on the top of your list. Or, if you’re more of the homesteader type, the climate makes sense as a first consideration.”



There are many factors to go over, some she covers (very well) and others that are dependent on you. Consider wisely.


The top nine states for living free in America, according to Gaye, are:











Some of these are natural, some are surprising.


Here are a few international options for potential expats:


New Zealand



Please read through the detailed original article for all the necessary facts. Make your own conclusions and plans. There’s still freedom in this mad world – go find it!

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