The Super Personal Bug Out Polymule Handcart!

Okay! There’s the bug out: car, truck, RV, bike, trailer, plane, and boat. All, depending on who you are and what you need, can be great options. Yet, they all still run on some sort of power. Their Achilles heel is that they may not be operable when or if needed.


The bug out backup to the backups always comes down to fleeing on foot – carrying what you can and just moving off in boots of Nikes. That’s great for a fit solo trek. But what if you have: a lot of stuff; kids; an elderly or infirm person, etc.? All of a sudden, bugging out on foot becomes a real challenge. Until now…


Check out the following video for a new product that may change the way you think about and prepare for that last second dash to freedom. It’s a handcart from Polymule!

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