Living Two Weeks Without Electricity

Irma showed us, or is showing us (in FLA), what life is like without electric power. This is nothing new, it’s basically the way people have lived for thousands of years. But, in the modern age, it is something to think about. It can make life difficult.

So it is that one might want to seriously consider how a day or a month or more without power will affect day to day living. Ken Jorgustin and Modern Survival Blog explore the related issues in a new article. Specifically, he looks into life without the juice for two whole weeks. Please read and consider closely.

“2 weeks without electricity? How many times throughout our modern history have natural disasters damaged the electrical grid infrastructure of a region? Lots!

While it’s not the normal circumstance, 2 weeks without electricity can certainly occur, and you can survive it.”


Such a shutdown would likely be the aftermath of a disaster, like an EMP – or a hurricane. Parts of Florida will be without power for at least two weeks. They will make it through.

Many (almost all of) our modern home systems run off electricity. They include:


Water (pumps);

Gas (again, pumps);
TV (okay, no real loss there…);
Air Conditioning / Heating (can be important);
Hot Water; and

Medical machines (important, critical, for many).

And just about everything outside the home, from ATMs to traffic lights to stores, run on electricity. Get the idea now? This stuff is everywhere and kind of a big deal.


To keep at least your house running as normal, consider a generator. You can get one to run the basics or a system to operate everything – you’d never even notice the switch.

Jorgustin has some interesting basics about generators and some good safety tips. He covers sizes and installation, etc.

You can get by without a generator too – even for two weeks.


One of the key issues is water, which can be stored for future uses – drinking, cooking, cleaning, etc. All of these are detailed including filtering, gallons per person, and more.


Additionally, he covers how to deal with the following:










Heating and cooling;


The “cash is king” scenario without credit cards or ATMs; and


And more.


In addition to Jorgustin’s excellent tips and ideas, look closely at the real world experiences of those suffering today in Florida, etc. They will survive and some of them will relay their struggles and successes to the larger world. Learn.


A side benefit to such a powerless situation is that you may figure out what you really need and what you can do without. Consider it an experiment in life simplification. Make lemonade from the lemons.

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