A Few Prepper Takeaways from the Las Vegas Shooting

59 people dead and over 520 wounded – the worst mass shooting in American history has unfolded in Las Vegas. The news is buzzing 24/7 although we really aren’t hearing much substance. And there is something very odd about the whole case.


Regardless of the news and the buzz there are things we preppers can learn from this terrible tragedy. And we need to do so.


On Point Preparedness has a short article on what we can start to learn from Las Vegas in order to further our survival preps. Please read it.

Amid all the questions we all ask what we could do if we were in a similar predicament. Here are a few cogent points:

Many of the victims didn’t immediately realize they were under attack. Gunshots do sound a bit like fireworks or other sounds of a concert. Add loud music and alcohol to that and one can see why people didn’t know what was happening.


This is extremely hard but we must learn as best we can to identify when an attack is taking place. We have to elevate our situational awareness.


On Point presents a chart of awareness. Regardless of where you are, you should always be a little ready for anything. Never relax so much that you lose touch with reality. That’s deadly dangerous.


Be alert at all times. You can’t be on tactical alert all the time – burnout would rapidly ensue. But you can keep taking stock of a situation even in casual form.


When or if you are sure something is wrong, then you kick into high gear. Prepare to either flee, fight, or hide. In a case like Las Vegas, the best thing to do is leave at once. It’s hard to hit a moving target from a great distance at night – nearly impossible. Of course, those being shot at may not know where the shooter is. Getting behind something heavy may be an option. That’s what cops on the scene did.


In a case like LV, fighting back really isn’t an option. However, it is something that should be generally counted on. If the shooter is close by you may need to or have to engage him. Prepare for that.


Please read through all of the tips and consider how they might affect you. There are, sadly, no right answers here. But there are options for those who can identify them. You must learn to do that.


These are excellent points. Start thinking about what you might do if you ever found yourself in a similar situation.


Daisy Luther offers some more specific tips:


Surviving a Sniper Attack.


Please read those points carefully.

We can’t do much about the overall problems – terrorism, politics, gun control – but we can do sometime to protect ourselves. The time for that thinking is now.

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