The Frequent Flyer’s Bug Out Bag

The Bug Out Bag: you really should take it with you wherever you go – even in the air. I think many prepper may overlook commercial air travel and preparedness. Just remember that because you’re away from town on someone else’s airplane, you still may have need for emergency supplies.

A guest at the Prepper Journal wrote out a list of emergency items to carry on an airliner. The list has a breakdown of which items are considered “innocent” and which ones may require a short explanation to the TSA. Please give it a read.

Flying has a whole bunch of challenges for passengers anymore. Carrying a little gear is just one of them.


“One of the challenges of being a dedicated prepper is that is almost impossible to cover all contingencies. No matter how well you plan, prepare and stock up, you can always have situations arise that you did not prepare for or count on.

For me, one of my almost daily challenges, involves travel. I fly over 200,000 miles domestically every year. This can keep me on the road and in the air almost five days a week. Not the best “Bug Out” scenario, huh?

Over the past three years I have developed a travel friendly, TSA compliant, carry on, bug out bag.”

-Prepper Journal


Obviously there are some things you should never carry on in today’s world. Leave the guns, bullets, knives, and fuels at home – or check them properly. Look at the TSA guidelines before you fly (these change from time to time). Pay attention.


As noted, this base article breaks down which items (all legal) will pass through with and without questions.  Here’s a short list of things to not forget when you travel the friendly skies:



Tactical Pen;





Spare clothes of course;


Water filters; and


The author also briefly covers a few specific events one might encounter while traveling. These raise the stakes for carrying gear even higher. Bad things will happen when they happen; they don’t care about your travel schedules.


If you frequently fly – or if you only fly once – consider that it is no time to suspend the preps. If anything, it increases the need for planning and proper equipment. Also realise that the increased security isn’t just confined to the airports. Now it’s coming to hotels, etc. Be prepared no matter what.

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