A Look at the Potential Destruction of a North Korean Nuclear Attack

This is a look at a hypothetical bombing, not an EMP (although that, to a limited extent, could happen concurrently). And the subject targets are in South Korea and Japan. And, these are two of the countries with the most direct concern about “Rocket Man’s” arsenal.


In short, the damage could be catastrophic. While I think the odds of such a move are very low, the possibility is there. And, if it happened, it would be like almost nothing we’ve seen in modern history.


Debra Killalea has the story for Australian News site, News.com.au. Please read that material.


With missile test after missile test and Tweet after Tweet, we keep hearing more rumors of possible war with North Korea. My view is that nothing positive could possibly come out of any of this. Yet, some outcomes would (could) be far worse than others.


There is a risk of a nuclear exchange. And certain Asian cities would be prime targets for the NK regime.


“ONE single reliable warhead fired by North Korea could destroy densely populated cities, killing millions.


Those who aren’t killed in a nuclear blast would be left with devastating injuries while their cities would be flattened with vital infrastructure destroyed.


A detailed analysis by 38 North, at the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, has revealed what would happen if Kim Jong-un did the unthinkable and actually fired a nuclear weapon.”



Kim Jong Un has the bombs and the warheads. Would he ever use them? The article looks at the potential damage to Tokyo and Seoul if he did. It’s almost unthinkable.


The subject study examines a possible 250 Kton attack – this being an extremely high, outside maximum yield for Kim’s weapons – but still plausible.


The damage would be horrific.


In addition to totally destroying modern cities and heavily damaging the local and world economies, these attacks would kill and main huge numbers of people.


A 250kt bomb over Seoul could result in 780,000 deaths and nearly 3 million injuries. An attack on Tokyo would see similar results: 700,000 deaths and 2.4 million wounded.


These are our allies. They themselves possess rather sophisticated defense systems. Still a shot could conceivable get through. Then, there would be massive retaliation from the USA – likely a massive nuclear strike on NK – possible erasing the entire nation.


One hopes and prays none of this ever comes anywhere near fruition. Can cooler heads prevail? Are there any cooler heads?


The range of NK’s newest missiles is estimated at nearly 6,700 miles, which covers parts of Australia and America. There are few of these weapons and the warheads to go with them. But it would only take one to trigger WW3 or something close to it.


President Trump now says there is only one solution to the NK problem. One has to assume this means military intervention. Unfortunately we will have to wait and see how this all plays out.


Again, I think the odds of anything like this are rather low – Kim may be crazy but he must understand the retaliatory aspect of U.S. involvement.


Still, this is something to think about.


Now, replace Tokyo and Seoul with Los Angeles and Chicago. That adds a whole new dimension of horror for the domestic audience.


Regardless of the odds of this or anything else, keep on prepping.

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