Here is What to do if You are Being Followed

Ever feel like someone is watching you? Following you? You just might be onto something.


What do you do if you think someone is tailing you? More importantly, what do you do if you’re confident someone is following you?

The incredible McKays at the awesome Art of Manliness site has the scoop. Please read their excellent analysis and advice on the subject.

The scenario is scary – especially because it very well could happen:


“You arrive at your favorite coffee shop in the ‘burbs and notice a guy in a green baseball cap standing behind you. You give him a friendly nod and go back to looking at the menu.

While you’re taking a bite from your Arby’s roast beef sandwich during your lunch break downtown, you notice that same guy in the green ball cap at a table outside. “Huh. Small world. What a coincidence,” you think to yourself.

Work is over, and you roll up to the gym to get your sweat on. While you’re walking to the entrance, you glance over and see Mr. Green Baseball Hat sitting in a car in the parking lot.

You get the sinking feeling that this third spotting isn’t a coincidence and that maybe this guy is following you.”
-Brett and Kate McKay.


Anyone could be subject to following or some kind of surveillance. It could be: the police, the CIA, the Russians!, a P.I. (not Magnum), your insurance company, your boss, your wife, the in-laws, a competitor, a thief, ISIS, a nosey neighbor, and on and on.


You might be a criminal suspect. You could be a mistaken identity. You might be targeted for a crime. The possibilities are almost endless.


How do you know and what do you do about it? The McKays offer expert advice about things you might otherwise never think about – but you should.


They cover what it’s like to be followed on foot and in the car.


The first thing to do is determine if someone is on your trail. They recommend a series of turns and other semi-invasive moves. If the person you suspect keeps following you – you’re being followed.


Mr. Green hat from the above scenario? There’s a CIA rule of thumb:


One time=an accident

Two times=a coincidence

Three times=enemy action.


Think about that.


So, if you know someone is chasing you, what do you do about it?


They recommend staying in public; you want witnesses around. One chancy way to halt the following is to confront the suspect. They say this will generally embarrass most into abandoning the pursuit.


Do beware that, if they’re really serious, they might instead escalate things. In that case, be ready for a fight.


And they have bad news about truly professional spies: those you will likely never even notice. First, they don’t operate and behave like novices. And they tend to work in teams. And, if they want you, they usually have you. Luckily, they probably won’t be after you.


Read all of the many tips and add them to your situational awareness calculations. This could be a life or death problem. You need to know how to handle it.

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