Winter is Coming? Is Your Homestead Ready?

Last winter we ran a whole series of articles on winter preparedness. I’m going to try to revive those from the archives for this season. And winter is coming, make no mistake. Please stay tuned. For now …


Robert Rickman of BeSurvival wrote an article on prepping the homestead for the chills of winter. Now is the time to get ready.

I’m in the deep South. Today it’s going to be 90 and humid. So we can’t get lulled into complacency.


“But the cold weather will quickly be on us too, so now is the time to start thinking about getting prepared for winter, and I’m not talking about getting a Christmas tree and decorations either. (Although my wife would be pleased to do so this early!)

There is [SIC] some things we can do now to prepare for the cold winter weather for our homesteads.”



Here are just a few ideas Rickman has to get ready for the ice, snow, and cold (cooler) temps: winterizing your home/homestead/retreat:

One. Get the firewood ready now.


If you burn wood for heat, now is the time to stack it, store it, and dry it.


Two. Stock up the pantry now.


If you can, get with it. Otherwise, invest in any needed staples. This will beat doing without in an ice storm come January.


Three. Prep Your Animals now.


Whether they’re pets or livestock, they have winter needs. You still have time to plan for all of it. Don’t wait too long. Think about their food, water, and shelter.


Four. Winterize the home now.


Clean it up and lock it down. Coil up the hose and store it away. Trim back overhanging trees. Add necessary repairs and weather striping.


Five. Prep for Power outages before they happen.


The time to invest in a generator is not during the blizzard. You have time now – use it. Invest in alternative power, heating, cooking, and lighting.


I’m intentionally leaving off one recommendation – go to the original for that and more.


The point is, now is the time to get ready. Do the heavy work now and then you can enjoy the season for what it is later. Smart prepping, smart and preemptive.


And, I just like saying, “winter is coming!”

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