Ground Dominance Training for Hand to Hand Survival

The streets are dangerous. In addition to crime we now have the constant (if statistically remote) threat of terrorism. And, if you happen upon a political rally or other public gathering, then you may be in for third-world crazy violence. Pick the group – Antifa, BLM – it doesn’t matter. There are now many people in this country who will immediately go the violent route to suppress free speech or make a political “point.”


It is getting ridiculous out there. I always advise avoiding these situation if or when you know about them. But sometimes that isn’t an option. What do you do if you’re caught in the middle of a street melee? Ivan Throne, the Dark Triad Man and my excellent acquaintance has the answers. Please consult his Ground Dominance Training. And, he goes live in the streets, where the action is:

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