The DIY Flour Bomb (for Legal purposes!)

First of all, why make a “bomb” out of flour – if that’s possible – anyway??? Well, it is possible.

Chris Black has a feature at Survivopedia that you need to read. And, as to why, you might need an exploding target or something AFTER they ban Tannerite. So the flour will work.

The mechanism is surface area. It’s just a fire. As with wood, flour in the air burns faster as a powder – a block of wood burns slowly if at all. The same wood, turned into sawdust, explodes instantly with just a spark. It’s the same principle.

Making the “Bomb”


“To create a dust explosion, you’ll require 4 things: a combustible dust, in our case flour and/or powdered sugar, a high enough concentration of the respective dust to be suspended in the air, an oxidant (in our case, the oxygen in the atmosphere) and finally, an ignition source.


The thing about flour is that it’s made up of starch mostly. Starch is a carbohydrate, which is a sort of sugar-molecule chained in a weird way (compared to regular sugar), and anyone who ever lit a marshmallow on fire is aware that sugar burns fairly easy. And obviously, the same principle applies to flour.


To begin with, here’s a flour and powdered sugar experiment, which results in cool outdoor explosions. These guys got their idea about experimenting with home-made explosives after hearing a story about a sugar factory which blew its roof off after a guy lit his cigarette inside.“



Watch this video by some indoor explosive science fun (not that I’d recommend this indoors..):


Video by KentChemistry/YouTube.


(Watch Chris’s other video too!).


As with anything slightly dangerous – don’t try this at home … not without proper safety everything and only in strict adherence to any and all laws.


Fight the Flour!

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