Why Over Scheduling May be Ruining Our Lives

George Carlin had a great skit in one of his shows about how modern parents ruin their children’s lives via scheduling. Actually, Carlin had nothing but great skits and shows. Anyway, he was right, and it’s not just our kids. Modern people, especially those in America, let rigid adherence to the calendar and the planner control them.

We’re all susceptible. Yet there is too much sometimes and we need to back off. Ken Jorgustin at Modern Survival Blog wrote a great short piece about that issue. Please have a read.

“Why do we do it? We ‘over schedule’ our lives. Thus leading to anxiety and other problems.

Our modern lives and our modern lifestyle has changed from decades ago. You can’t even recognize our way of life compared to a century ago!

The following are some random thoughts on the subject while considering the public at large:

Most every aspect of daily life is filled with technology, both seen and unseen. We use it to speed things up. To be more efficient. To get more things done.”


We have too much to do – most of it unimportant.


We have less quality in all that quantity.


We’re stressed out and irritable.


For all the planning, rushing, and timeliness, we seen to get less accomplished than ever.


And, like old George noted, we literally take away our kid’s childhoods with scheduling every second of their days. “Can’t a kid just sit in the yard with a stick!?”


The whole system of modern life pushes us to be hard-working, obsessive drones. No critical thinking, no independence, and no deviations are tolerable to this system. The funny thing is that it hurts us more than we benefit from it.


We have been conned into living the fake American Dream of consumerism and ritualistic obedience.


Preppers especially need to break free. We need to step back and realize that life is about living, not about rushing around mad to make money for people who hate us – politicians, bankers, entertainers, and other cretins.


It’s more than okay to just be yourself, to live as you see fit. The best advice I ever received was to get my life out of synch with the world ASAP. Too many never learn that lesson.

Read Jorgustin’s original and think about this for yourselves. What is really important to you and your family? Each and every one has a different answer. But, likely, it does not revolve around pleasing bosses, computers, the state, and the clock. Maybe it’s time to let go of some of the modern craziness.


Read some of the comments after Ken’s article. See what others say and think. Then formulate your own opinions. Live your life in your own time and as you see fit.

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