Why Preppers Shouldn’t Trust The Internet

Here’s something you may find interesting.
One of the things we talk about in our Survival Notes Series One Issue One —https://freedompreppershop.com/sales-page — is what to look for prior to an EMP strike, and what to expect to happen when a strike takes place. Not only from an environmental perspective, but how those around you will be reacting.
You will quickly see who was prepared for an EMP and who wasn’t.
Even those that think they’re prepared for such an event likely have made some mistakes along the way.
In fact during my research for our EMP guide/notebook, I ran across so much misinformation on the web that it was absolutely mind boggling. I found 10 very common mistakes people make for preparing for an EMP.
Here they are:
  • Mistake #1: They don’t know what an EMP attack is
  • Mistake #2: They don’t know how bad an EMP attack would be
  • Mistake #3: hey don’t know about the different kinds of EMP attacks
  • Mistake #4: They think an EMP attack will be over quickly
  • Mistake #5: They don’t know how to respond to an EMP attack (this is a big one)
  • Mistake #6: They don’t invest in an EMP proof vehicle
  • Mistake #7: They don’t assemble the necessary survival gear they need
  • Mistake #8: They don’t know the most dangerous places to be during an EMP attack
  • Mistake #9: They don’t invest in bartering items to trade following an EMP attack
  • Mistake #10: They don’t know how to properly protect the electronics they’ll need once the EMP attack is over
Anyway, I feel an EMP would have the worst long term affects then any other type of disaster, and I want to ensure I can help as many people prepare for one as possible.
Alright, that’s it for today.
Remember, Stay Always Ready My Friend,
Scott Hughes
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