Safety Tips for Holiday Shopping

Happy Black Friday! If you’re out shopping today, then God Bless. You’re braver than me…

This is, however, shopping season – gotta spend that money. And, odds are you will be out some time during the next few weeks. It’s important to stay safe while you’re at it. Luckily, car guru Jerry Reynolds and Car Pro have some good tips on navigating those dark mall parking lots.

“Are you hitting the malls on Black Friday?  If so, be careful where you park!  Holiday shopping season presents many challenges. Tracking down this season’s hottest gifts or negotiating mall traffic may seem like the biggest perils you’ll encounter, but be wary of the real dangers that occur in the mall parking lot.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1 in 10 property-related thefts occur in parking lots. Follow these rules, and you can avoid becoming part of that group.”


Reynolds offers five main tips for shopping security. Please read his original for all the details.

1. Park close to the door or near “populated” areas.


Safety in numbers and easy access.

2. Lock the doors.


Make it hard for a thief.

3. Keep the valuables out of sight.


If they can’t see it, they won’t be tempted to take it.

4. Plan your shopping spree.


Plan and stick to it – get in and get out.

5. Avoid Strangers

Good advice any time. Stranger danger isn’t just for the kids.


Perrin offers two more tips:




  1. Carry a pistol. Period.

    The odds are your trip will be pleasant if a little rushed up. But do remember to keep your eyes open and realize that bad things do happen. If I were a pickpocket or a terrorist, this time of the year would be prime time.


Think about that. Get the bargains but play it safe!

Perrin​​ ​​Lovett​​​ ​​​writes​​ ​​about​​ ​​freedom,​​ ​​firearms,​​ ​​and​​ ​​cigars​​ ​​(and​​ ​​everything​​ ​​else)​​ ​​at​​.​​ ​​He​​ ​​is​​ ​​none​​ ​​too​​ ​​fond​​ ​​of​​ ​​government​​ ​​meddling.

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