The Case of the Missing Pentagon Money

One thing leads to another. Last summer, August 25th to be exact, I ran a story at the old FP site about the Pentagon’s failure to account for 6.5 Trillion!! Dollars. See that piece, below.


Anyway, yesterday I was reminded on the accounting fiasco. I read a story by James Slate at Medium: Debunking the Myth of the Military Industrial Complex. It was a good story although it failed to debunk, in my humble opinion. Read it if you like; just keep the source in mind: a self-admitted NeoCon (BIG government “conservative”).


As the wheels turned I, for some reason, returned to the missing cash at the Pentagon. It turns out, the story I reported on last year was not the first mention of this … misplacement… Watch the following video from Sept. 10, 2001, with then Sec. Def. Donald Rumsfeld:

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