How to Get Rid of Garden Slugs

No one likes a slug hanging around. Sure, they may be a little (just a little) cute and intriguing. But, whether they’re crawling around the Capitol or the garden, these critters are a nuisance.

Elizabeth McGregor at Preppers Will wrote up four easy ways to trap or terminate garden slugs. Have a read. And none of these ways involves salt.

Slugs in the garden means crops slowly nibbled down. One can stand around a spot them and remove them by hand – a slow and slimey method. Or, for better results, try one of the following:


One. Use Food Waste.


Place a pile of leftovers by the garden and slugs will be drawn to it …. Like slugs to garbage…


Simply pick them out and dispose. Or use a little salt…


Two. Carboard.


Place some damp cardboard in the garden. Turn it over after a day or two and find the resident slugs. Do what you will with them.


Three. Crushed Eggshells.


This is a specific example of number one. Slugs are drawn to the shells, For them, it’s both food and a hiding spot. Place, inspect, and remove.


Four. Beer.


Place a little beer in a dish by the plants. The slugs have a sip, get drunk, fall in and drown.

Use a small amount of suds and drink the rest – so as not to feel wasteful.

*Elizabeth McGregor is a content marketer, writer by day and a reader by night. She teaches E-commerce store owners ways to manage and grow their business. She specializes in book descriptions. Now lives in Sacramento, California.

These are great tips. Please read Elizabeth’s original for more on the tiny, slithering menace. I am not so confident these methods will work on slugs of the political variety. The beer maybe.

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