Light in the Darkness: Nine Ways to Light Without Electricity

Electricity, ready and cheap, changed the world for the better. However, it also addicted us, to a degree, to the convenience of seeing everything all the time. That’s fine and dandy as long as the power’s on. When it’s off it’s like we’re back in the 1700’s. That’s also fine and well except that we’re no longer accustomed to the simple life.

There are, of course, ready solutions. Erica N.* from the Living in Rural Iowa site listed out some great suggestions for lighting, sans the electric juice.

Electric lighting is a great thing. Yet, every once in awhile, we get reminded of what life was like without it – and AC, heat, the fridge, etc. Am I the only one who likes, rather than fears, the dark? Anyway, it’s still a general inconvenience. Erica’s ideas provide easy, reasonable alternatives.


She mentions a backup power supply – generators have their place. But it still pays to have backups to the backup. Consider the following:


  1. Flashlights. The easy, no-brainer. Have several on standby in all your locations and vehicles.

    2. Headlamps. These are great if you’re working and need both hands free.

    3. Book lights. Made for reading, they also make good emergency lights.

    4. LED and Battery Powered Lanterns. A modern take on the ancient classic. Plenty of light with low power usage.

    5. Oil Lanterns. The ancient classic. It’s hard to beat an old Coleman or globe lantern.

    6. Candles. Okay, short of a pitch torch, these are the original option. They last a while, provide a little heat, and you can actually make them yourself.

    7. Propane Lanterns. Same classic, different (abundant) fuel.

    8. Battery Powered String Lights. These are not just for holidays and crafts. I would have never considered this easy option.

    9. Solar Powered Lights. These I have considered. Normally, they are self-charging outdoor decor solutions. In an emergency, just bring them inside. Do remember to take them out in the morning to recharge.

    There are plenty of other options, but these nine are enough to get you thinking. Many thanks to Erica for the great ideas.

*Erica N: Writes about preparedness, homesteading, frugality, parenting, and life in general. A mom of four who has survived divorce, poverty, kids going to college, and teenagers! Always keen to learn more about what she writes about. Someday will write a book!


Let there be light!

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