Yet Another Prepper Gift Guide

Each day brings us a little closer to Christmas, 2017. It’s only a few weeks now. I’ve broken out the Christmas Ties – my way of celebrating…


Anyway, time is running out for finding those perfect prepper gifts for the survivalists on your list. Here’s a little help on that front:

Ammo Land presented a short list of blades and more for any prepper on your list. Please check their original and all the incredible issues they cover each week.

Yes, this list is a little Browning heavy. There’s nothing wrong with that as Browning is a heavy contender in the sporting and outdoors world.


When you look for stocking stuffers, consider the following:


Buckmark Hunter Knife.


Compact polished blade in stainless steel for under $35!


Speed Load Ceramic Knife.


Another shorty made of super sharpe ceramics. And these blades are replaceable. A bargain for under $40!

Browning’s Visual Effects Mammoth Knife.


Three designs, each for under … $500. A price jump, yes, but consider the quality.


It’s not all blades either:


High Noon USB Rechargeable Spotlight.


Light it up out to 550 yards!  A super bright light from around $110.

Crossfire 1AA USB Rechargeable Flashlight.


Not as bright as the above spot, but plenty of light for most uses. Shines up to 150 yards away.  Compact illumination for around $50. They also feature a similar headlamp for when you need both your hands.


Last, check out the pair of light offerings from Browning – see, they’re not just blades. Both are good deals and under $25.

To investigate further or to make an order or find a retailer, please consult with Ammo Land’s article (the above link). I think any of these will make for a happy Christmas morning – or any morning for that matter.


Do remember that, come Christmas Eve, I’ll be out to shop and I don’t like competition. Get yours done early. That way you can relax at home with some eggnog on the 24th. Leave the mad rushing to me.

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