Winter Supplies You Need in Your Car

Americans love their cars, even the millions who really can’t (and shouldn’t) drive our roads. Spending so much time in the vehicles it only makes sense to prepare for potential emergency situations. This makes more sense during the harshness of the winter months.

Tess Pennington wrote a short list of 15 things preppers need in their cars or trucks this winter. Find it over at Ready Nutrition. As always, it’s a great read.

Tess recommends carrying the following:


Collapsible shovel
Windshield scraper and small broom
Battery powered radio with extra batteries
Food and Water for 3 days
Extra winter layers – hats, socks and mittens
First aid kit with pocket knife
Any necessary medications
Blanket(s) and/or bivvy bags
Tow chain or paracord
Road salt
Booster cables
Emergency flares
Fluorescent distress flag
Snow chains

These are all great suggestions. The snow chains you perhaps could forego if you live in Florida.


I’d like a add a few suggestions of my own:


A gun

Another gun

Ammo for both

More knives

An axe or hatchet

Tool kit (general and automotive)

Spare fluids for the car (antifreeze, etc.)


12V backup heater

Water purification tablets

A firestarter (or more than one type)

The old Bug Out Bag


Undoubtedly, you can and will add to these lists – as you should. Each driver’s needs will vary according to circumstances. Remember to expect the unexpected. As a final word, remember the car itself; have it winterized and in good working order.

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