Nothing beats a good rifle in the woods. So frequently, here, we focus on high-capacity rifles better suited for the battlefield or for home defense. Some of these work fine on the hunt. But nothing beats a good, old-fashioned bolt-action model (maybe a lever….).


Anyway, there are many different calibers, makes, and models to choose from.

Nicholas at Modern Survival Online wrote an interesting article about choosing one of several bolt-actions for hunting. Please click and review the whole original. Here’s a quick rundown:

Nicholas does a good job of discussing various calibers available and the “why” of using a bolt versus other actions. He also discusses other uses beyond hunting (i.e. long-range defense). Here are his name-brand picks:


REMINGTON 700 / 770





He does a great job describing each model. You can easily find additional info on the web or at your local dealer. His final line is worth quoting: “It’s also important that you select a rifle that will last you a lifetime and will deliver optimal performance, something that any of the rifles in this article will do.”


All five of these weapons make excellent tools. I’ve owned and used two of them and I am familiar with the rest. Picking the right one for you is a matter of personal preference and needs, etc. Shop around, test when possible, and settle for what works for you.


One note I will add is that a few of the entry level guns sometimes come with pre-attached scopes. They’re generally good optics. However, sometimes they sight-in fine and other times they require a little, special adjustment. Keep that in mind. You may be able to shim your way to a clear shot, or you may need the assistance of a smith – most will know exactly what to do and it’s done fast.


Happy hunting!

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