Prepping can be expensive. We’ve said it before and it bears repeating. Doing things right isn’t cheap but it does not have to break the bank. Getting your finances straight can help you save a dollar and make the preps go a little farther and a little smoother.

Holly Johnson wrote a list of eight tips for saving money but shorting your spending habits. Find that original (and read it) at The Simple Dollar site. Here’s a quick review:

There’s good news and bad news:


“While the reasons might vary, the truth is Americans seem to have a penchant for debt and overspending. By and large, we’re spending all we earn and then some, charging what we can’t afford on our credit cards, and borrowing more than we need for homes, cars, and even furniture.


A recent CareerBuilder survey of thousands of U.S. workers and employers across industries revealed that 78% of households are living paycheck-to-paycheck.”



Living this way is not fun. But the cycle can be broken for better life and life results. Consider Johnson’s points for cutting back and making do:


One. Identify problems to solve.


Two. Stop the impulse spending.


Three. Try to spend cash only. No debt. No credit.


Four. Fight your temptations.


Five. Have a budget.


Six. Have different accounts for different types of spending.


Seven. Track all spending.


Eight. Look for less expensive solutions for your needs and wants.


For each of these basic points, Johnson offers numerous tips and examples. Please do read all of her original comments.


Prepping can be an expensive endeavor as is much of modern living. Yet, you can save a nickel from time to time. And saving money means making the preps go a little further. That’s good all around.


Keep these tips in mind now, and moving forward. Take it to the bank … safe … mattress…

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