Top Ten Bartering Items for SHTF

Top Ten Bartering Items for SHTF


Sooner or later it may hit the fan. Heck, it will one day – that’s a given. ANd, whether it’s a long or short term event, many things will change. One of them is the way we buy and sell.


The US Dollar (or what currently stands in for it) has lost 99% of its value in the past century. During a: civil war, depression, economic collapse, alien invasion, meteor strike, [you name it], the other 1% will likely evaporate too. How, then, will you buy the things you need?


Bartering, of course, the old fashioned way! And, luckily for you, today’s video has some suggestions of things that may be of great use as alternative currency, fact the disaster. Please watch:


Video by Penny University/YouTube.



Ammo is king, but it’s not the only option.


People will always need (and be willing to trade for):








“Vice” items; and




And, even if nothing goes wrong, you can always use your stock yourself, for their natural functions. It’s a no-lose proposal. Stock up!


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