Cultural Decay, Civil Unrest, and the Philly Super Bowl Riots


Scott issued forth a Pondering Prepper video on escaping riots the other day. His timing could not have been better.


Surely, by now, you’ve heard of the Great Philadelphia Super Bowl Riot of 2018. Yes, their team won and the fans went ape-sh*t nuts. The tore up hotels, set fires, looted stores, and actually ate horse crap off the street (really – not even linking to that but you can find the video … NOT worth the watching [puke]).


These neo-savages we used to call fellow citizens make no sense at all. Here’s a video double-header (not a baseball game, please don’t riot…) about the problem:


Stefan Molyneux breaks down why people act like this:


Stefan Molyneux/YouTube.


And, in case you missed it live, here’s the mayhem:


Mitchell Wiggs/YouTube.


The the victors go the spoils… BBC.


Riots can happen anywhere at any time. Understand why and how they form, the damage the create, and why you need to avoid them at nearly all costs.


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