Ten Mean DIY Shotgun Slugs and Alternatives from Preppers

Ten Mean DIY Shotgun Slugs and Alternatives from Preppers


The shotgun is indispensable for preppers, homeowners, hunters, and so many others. And there so many commercially available kinds of shot. It almost makes you wonder who would want to design their own and why.


The following video answers some of those questions:




If you want to make a newer, better, meaner slug alternative, then the sky’s the limit.



The top ten “slugs” are:


Hardened steel bearings;


Armor piercing darts (pictured);


3d printed mega pellets;


Toggle bolts;


Brass-headed micro arrows;


Gamo rockets;


Frozen vienna sausages (yes…);


Gummy slugs;


Titanium slugs; and


Carbon fiber slugs.


Some of these are actually viable. Some are purely ridiculous. Some are actually edible. And I would check on the legality of some in your area before you experiment with anything similar. As a matter of fact, this is just an educational feature about what’s technically possible – don’t try this at home.


These are potentially effective and plausibly dangerous. But, the video is definitely cool and fun! DIY gun fun!


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