Canning Tomatoes for Preppers and Everyone Else


Okay, today’s FP posts are all about canning. Boil some water and join us. Check out the concurrent feature story on the subject – under “Blog” on the main site and “Read” on the app. Under “Watch” you’ll find (already found, eh?) this:


YouTuber Patrick Barton walks us through the pretty easy process of canning tomatoes. Please watch now:


Video by Patrick Barton/YouTube.



I think that’s everything:


Prepping the tomatoes;




Work space layout;






Removal; and


Many tips along the way.

Use this as a guide to get started. You’re endeavor will last a little longer than seven minutes. But it will be worth every second.


Incorporate this method into your existing garden practice: double plant so you’ll have fresh tomatoes for now and extras to can for tomorrow.


And *word of warning* watch the heat. Have fun, be productive, but keep it safe. Oh, and make sure you mark the jar lids with a Sharpie so you can remember when you canned that batch. That makes rotation and use so much easier and efficient.


Happy canning!


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