Canning Tomatoes for Preppers and Everyone Else

Canning Tomatoes for Preppers and Everyone Else


Okay, today’s FP posts are all about canning. Boil some water and join us. Check out the concurrent feature story on the subject – under “Blog” on the main site and “Read” on the app. Under “Watch” you’ll find (already found, eh?) this:


YouTuber Patrick Barton walks us through the pretty easy process of canning tomatoes. Please watch now:


Video by Patrick Barton/YouTube.



I think that’s everything:


Prepping the tomatoes;




Work space layout;






Removal; and


Many tips along the way.

Use this as a guide to get started. You’re endeavor will last a little longer than seven minutes. But it will be worth every second.


Incorporate this method into your existing garden practice: double plant so you’ll have fresh tomatoes for now and extras to can for tomorrow.


And *word of warning* watch the heat. Have fun, be productive, but keep it safe. Oh, and make sure you mark the jar lids with a Sharpie so you can remember when you canned that batch. That makes rotation and use so much easier and efficient.


Happy canning!


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