Perrin on the Age of Post Literacy

It’s here and it’s not good.

[Perrin Lovett] – Entering Into the Age of Post Literacy (Like Unto Illiteracy, But Lazier)
This Monday, August 27th, the mighty Vox Day explained why he retired his former weekly column. He stopped because, in brief, his contributions – as great as they were – made no difference in the grand scheme of things. His admission came in response to a recent Fred Reed article, in which Fred pondered why anyone writes columns anymore. What a way to start a column, huh?

Thanks for bearing with me so far. I was struggling with a subject matter appropriate for (worthy of) today’s discussion. There’s so darned much going on all the time! And I try very hard to find the best, most interesting, and more important topics to cover. Even now, as I’m stream-of-consciousness-ing this thing together, I’m still fighting to cobble the pieces. But, there is a reason why I mention the foregoing – a seemingly futile reason:

People Aren’t Reading Anymore!


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