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Prepper News, 6.11.2020


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s June 11, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Like American Dominance, Dollar Dominance Is Over

  • The crash of the US Dollar is upon us. After WWII, pursuant to FDR’s gamble, the Dollar replaced the Pound as the reserve currency of choice. That came with benefits which were roundly abused. Now, so many years later, things change. Yahoo Finance
  • Wall Street made a nice, if artificial, recovery. Things on Main Street are a little different. Here are some reasons why and what it all means for the economy beyond the DOW. Michael Snyder
  • We’ve known this for some time now, unofficially. But now, the US is OFFICIALLY in a recession. And, it may be the worst one since the 1930s. How nice of our officials to notice. Yahoo!
  • The retail apocalypse continues apace. This year, thanks to all the hoaxes, cover-ups, overreach, and insanity, some 25,000 stores are expected to close, if they haven’t already. A V-shaped whatever. Bloomberg
  • With all the turmoil, Kentucky’s governor, who previously threatened Christians, somehow can find more money for public healthcare. But, there’s a twist in who might benefit. Amazing. Wave3

It’s Not Just Black People Who Should Fear The Police. It’s any and all of us, if we value civility and freedom. Not all cops are bad just as not all people are criminals. But, there are lines that are frequently crossed. Learn more. ERIC PETERS

Camden, NJ Did Kind Of Abolish the police. That city, overrun with crime and public corruption, got rid of the existing force and rebuilt with a new one. How did it work out? CNN


Vigilante Justice in VA


What Happens When People Defend Themselves?

Let 100 armed men stand guard against rioters and looters and a few things happen. First, there is no rioting or looting. Second, liberals get all bent out of shape, with wild claims and fears that their criminal friends may have to do without. InfoWars


Notes From The Culture War


There’s a terrible problem all over America – stupidity. Paul Craig Roberts questions whether we can survive this epidemic of low IQs. Duh? PCR

The one side: police brutality. There’s a reason for it and it has nothing to do (in most cases) with race. Hint: it’s the power trip. LeiterReport

The other side: violent criminals. In California (maybe elsewhere), violent commie nuts are running wild. Allegedly, they are targeting houses with American flags for arson and violence. If this is true, maybe use that Virginia approach to stop it? CBS13




Education in modern America, like equality, free speech, and much more, is a lie. Expect a little academic honesty from college students and you might be looking for a new job. Inmates running the asylum. Vox Day


A white man, 75-years-old, caught some of that police brutality, suffering brain damage. Now, Orange Man, who likely also suffers brain damage, calls him a terrorist. Wow! WIVB4


Trump does not hunt, does not like guns, and is an idiot. So, it’s only natural that he is allowing horrific hunting practices in Alaska. No man with a functioning set would ever cull cubs and pups and the other things that will soon be legal (and unconscionable). NewsTimes


In London, where things are out of control, the cops charged protesters on horseback – bad. Then, the protesters resorted to violence against the horses. Pathetic. RT


The US Empire has been meddling with Iran for 70 years. The Iranians are a little tired of it. They now claim they have a CIA spy, connected to the US murder of an Iranian general. They plan to execute him. Time to stop meddling? JPOST




A VIDEO For (Really) Old School Weaponry


Today, Lilly makes and demonstrates the use of an Atlatl. That’s like ATL, “the Big Peach”, twice. This is one of the oldest weapon designs in the world, used by peoples all over the world for thousands of years. Might it come in handy in our future? Survival Lilly (YT)

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