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The Prepper Post: News for June 12, 2020


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s June 12, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Everything According To Their Plan

  • “They” are an all-encompassing group. In a surprisingly insightful post, Daisy Luther examines a playbook that very accurately describes what’s being done, intentionally, to wreck America. I’d say we’re breaking into the top levels now. Organic Prepper
  • Tucker Carlson looks into the sad role that both political parties play in implementing the agenda. It really is like they’re following the same plan, results-wise. FOX (VIDEO)
  • Yes, the “justice” protests did quickly turn into urban warfare and utter insanity. But this isn’t something new. There’s a fundamental flaw in America these days, a lack of thinking and morality. This is the end result: hysteria. Spiked
  • THIS GUY. The nut attorney from Florida, who tried to scare the normies off the beaches with his Corona-Grim Reaper LARP, now finds it appropriate to congregate with the masses. Hypocrite, much? Daily Caller
  • The video evidence is in. These days, cameras capture a lot of police brutality. Of course, dash and body cams also back up many (most) police accounts of criminal encounters. Both are good things. AP

Chicken Little is Desperate to Stay Relevant, even as he and his failed cause fade from public memory. Dr. Fauci still claims that the [virus] is his worst nightmare. Maybe he should try to wake up? DailyMail

Separating Families Was Wrong when it involved foreign hordes invading America. Now, with you and your newborn baby, it’s a-okay. The right thing to do, says the ridiculous CDC and our friends from the Gates cabal. LRC




Whatever Happened To The Pandemic?!

Dr. Fauci aside, not so many people seem to care about what, just a month ago, was the worst thing to ever happen since that space rock killed off the dinosaurs. Hear what a real and decent doctor, Ron Paul, has to say about the sudden departure from the new abnormal. RP (VIDEO)


When More Than One “S” Hits The Fan


Hang onto your chickens and garden plot. The food shortage (that makes no sense) will continue. More plant problems mean more distribution problems and empty shelves/higher prices. MSN

Even non-preppers are waking up to the fact that cities are dangerous. Many plan to leave for the burbs and the brush. This will affect property values and suburban life, as more slickers move in, bringing their ways with them. The good news is that they won’t stray too far from the bright lights.  Mike Snyder

So, you may someday see: pandemics, hoaxes, financial collapses, riots, and a bunch of normies spreading their problems far and wide. Here’s how to deal with or prep for multiple calamities at once. Survivopedia




Someone is desperate to provoke another war. The Navy is sending two carriers towards China following increased tensions. Don’t worry, they have some sort of magic virus bubble or something. The Chinese, for their part, have hypersonic anti-ship missiles. WSJ


Not satisfied with the dismal failures of past elections, the wiley Georgians held a primary on Tuesday. The result: chaos to rival the hanging chads of 2000. Vote harder! AP


The Minnesota rioters somehow made it to London. There, football (soccer) hooligans did what the police and National Guard could not – they ran the thugs off. Go Hooligans! InfoWars


Having as little use for American history as he had for his wedding vows, General David Patreus calls for the removal of Confederate names from Imperial US military bases. Maybe they could rename Fort Bragg after Dr. Fauci – Fort Chicken Little. The Atlantic


A somewhat unstable California attorney has called for the murder of the police. The cops, naturally, are upset. This isn’t the model of civility we were promised. It is another reason to avoid social media, cities, and lawyers. FOX11




All Lives Don’t Matter?!


In 2017, a white woman was killed by a black police officer in Minneapolis, the equal opposite of the Floyd scenario. She was from Australia, so what do you think Australians think of her story? That’s right: they don’t care. People. Summit News

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