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Prepper Post News – 6.16.2020


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It’s June 16, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.



  • More civil unrest, this time in Atlanta. Not content to work within or wait on the system, the violent hordes took to the Interstate and the fast-food joints. Burning justice… Reuters
  • CNN needs to hang up the riot coverage. Their old HQ was sacked. One of their teams was arrested. Now, they’ve been roughed up by some of those “peaceful protesters” in ATL. Breitbart
  • Armed men are patrolling the “CHAZ” Nation in Seattle. They may be a little to the left, but they’re keeping out the hardcore riff-raff. Guns = Peace. Daily Beast
  • Except for this poor preacher, who was attacked by crazed thugs in the CHAZ. I thought this was about BLM. Why then the resort to anti-Christianity and homo sex assault? Oh, yeah… InfoWars
  • Pandemics and civil unrest have some side effects. One is that they can cause increased migration, which by itself, can lead to war or worse. (Yes, worse). And we already had the largest mass migrations in history before 2020. Study Finds

The thugs are out in the UK too, tearing down Western Civilization one monument at a time. And the cops allow it. However, the police do not like people (like football hooligans) defending the West. Those, they arrest. InfoWars

A Woman Who Knows (Ilana Mercer) accurately describes the barbarian hordes as they wreck America. She watched it happen in her former country. Now, this. It’s like they’re following her. Unz




What is Drag-flation?

Inflation. Deflation. Stagflation. Now, Gerald brings us the specter of dragflation. Kind of like when the economy tanks and it just drags along hopelessly. Find out more and all about the latest in the mad financial world. Gerald Celente (VIDEO)


The Education Front


Your early-summer reading list. 15 books that the globos and commies do not want you reading – which means you have to read them. They call Chicken Little the “Bernie Madoff of science!” LRC

OP asks if you think you’re up to the homeschool challenge. (YOU ARE). Really, it’s more of a reinforcing tutorial in the age of [virus] – schooling. Read up! Organic Prepper

Here’s another must-read for parents: UNSCHOOLED, by Kerry McDonald. It’s the master handbook to the world of natural, intuitive learning – without any schools at all. I rated this with all 5 stars. Read it! Amazon




Someone else noticed that the CHAZ idea sounds a lot like anarcho-libertarian secession. Read more on the possible appeal and the chance of snatching the concept away from the left (who I, for one, am kind of glad thought of it). Breitbart


There’s (another!) election coming this fall. Fun, fun. But, as has become the trend of late, the results are in doubt before the thing happens and nobody may be pleased with or accepting of the results. This is not a healthy national governance. The Week


Three years ago, it looked like we were going nowhere with North Korea. Then, in possibly his best performance ever, Trump almost bought peace. Now, it’s all off again. What gives, Rocket Man? NBC “News”


Dateline Poland: A funny mishap saw Polish troops “invade” the Czech Republic. It’s all over now. But, why were the Polish troops near the border in the first place? Because Eastern European countries actively police their borders against “refugee” invasion – just as we do not. NPR


Here’s a fun thought: in the middle of a recession, a plandemic, and a civil war, how about the lights going out? That would make working from home a challenge, no? Rolling blackout season is coming to CA and other parts. Prepare now for alternative power needs. Yahoo!




Murder on the Emerald Isle


Baby murder used to be, just a few years ago, illegal in Ireland. That changed, thanks to the usual satanic suspects. Now, abortions are raging and children with disabilities are increasingly targeted. This is the antithesis of civilization. Breitbart

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