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Prepper Post News – 6.18.2020


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It’s June 18, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


2020: Americans Look To The Future

  • A new poll finds more people are very unhappy than at any time since 1972. A record number sees things getting worse for future generations. Might stoicism be the answer? AP
  • The US continues to fade away in global rankings. We’re now the tenth most competitive country, though how this is calculated around the globalists is a little suspect. Still, it’s another decline marker. MSN
  • The BIG decline that is almost here and which will make life most uncomfortable for us and the kids is the DOLLAR COLLAPSE. Another economist sees the fall as inevitable. Maybe afterwards we can rebuild. CNBC
  • US companies are hastening the descent. Walmart announced a plan to get rid of cashiers, at least in pilot stores. No customer service and fewer jobs. Sam Walton rolls. FOX5
  • Where might this trend of doom lead? In Honk Kong, many people are planning to run and hide as the Chi-Coms threaten to lock down or lock up the city-state. Watch this one for tips. Greenwich Times

Another sign to watch is the Fed’s entry into the corporate bond market. Now, in addition to owning the banks and the government, the masters of usury try to absorb other kinds of public companies. What’s next? Our Children? AP

If the Banksters don’t get you, then the Psychos may. Find out why all the “peaceful protesters” are shouting, “CHOPPED!” It ain’t pleasant. I fear they’re probably serious. Ann Barnhardt




What is left to conserve?

On Monday, the “conservative’ Supreme Court handed the idiotic movement its worst defeat in years. Sodomy rights, but no gun rights. No religious protections, but sanctuary for invaders. All written by a Trump appointee. Conservative Review


Today’s Conservative is Yesterday’s Progressive


Suddenly, mentally-ill people not heard of when a law was passed decades ago are protected by the law. Nobody but a conservative could have seen this coming… AP

Sayeth the Nine: States can’t craft criminal punishment laws but they can interfere with federal immigration enforcement. Thanks, losers! MSN

Yes, the lgbtqVCP ruling is a threat to religious liberty. At this rate, in a few years the conservatives will champion child rapists and cannibals. And, I am not kidding.  National Review




Again, rolling blackout season is coming. More folks are concerned about the effects that will have on telecommuting and the tech industry. DailyMail


Speaking of messed up industry … those cruise ship workers are still stranded at sea, months after the “pandemic!”  Miami Herald


The cruisers might as well stay put, as that predictable second wave is coming! And, of course, they say it could easily be worse than the original. CNN


Robots don’t get the “virus.” But they can come get you, especially if they are heavily armed like these Chinese war models. This may be humanity’s greatest mistake, Sarah Connnor. NationalInterest


Before the bots or the bugs kill you, your doctor might beat them to it. In addition to murdering babies, we now kill old people and those with illnesses – even as they plead for their lives. The killers are praised, not prosecuted. Satan smiles. NR






Vox breaks down the Supreme Court rulings and what it means for the civilized. This may help as it will accelerate changes. Watch this now, as he takes them off YT in a week or two (unless you’re on Unauthorized). VOX DAY (VIDEO)

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