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Prepper News 6.24.2020


-Always Ready – Always Informed-

Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s June 24, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


The Decline and Fall

  • Bill Sardi addresses some of the big (libertarian) ideas in regards to the failing US of A. Are we ready, collectively, for what’s ahead? Absolutely not. The best we, as preppers, can do is to continue preparing for the worst, hoping for the best. LRC
  • Mike Snyder ponders whether this is THE low point in US history. If not, then it’s a top three. And, sadly, this is only the beginning. Read more. EconCollapse
  • The “cancel culture” is canceling the culture and the nation. So argues the near-irrefutable Paul Craig Roberts. Where is this all going? PCR
  • BIG MEDIA lie again! Surprise, surprise. Now, it’s domestic terrorism to resist the violence of the mindless mob. #CarControl! NPR
  • The truth about the vehicular “extremists” – they’re just would-be victims of liberal gun violence. Except that they got away and hurt a few thugs. InfoWars

Speaking of vehicles, Eric Peters reviews the new Ford Bronco – it’s back! – in light of the new national normal of insanity. The original was a beast even without OJ. A new BOV? EPAutos

How bad will it get? The war, not the SUV. Jim Goad says, “Some degree of really, really, really really, really f***ing bad.” Us V. The Cities. TakiMag


“THEY” Want Your Kids


Why the push and the rush to nab the children?

Ann B writes next to nothing in this post, yet the attached picture says the proverbial 1,000 words. Moloch wants your children and his agents are recruiting. Know and resist! Ann Barnhardt


Tentacles of Financial Sorcery


Let us pretend that practical politics still matters… It does not, so who cares what the GOP fools in the Senate are worried about? If they had looked out for us, then the economy and their jobs would be secure. WSJ

Move over Goldman! There’s a new unregulated, satanic vampire squid in town. Meet BlackRock, your new financial overlords. *Donations NOT voluntary. Unz

Americans Regret Being Poor. This is natural in a time of national collapse. It’s your fault that you turned your economy over to foreign looters who hate you. FOX5NY




Here’s more about the economic destruction and the coming total collapse of our currency. Really, again, all your fault for being poor. Maybe for voting for the people who impoverished you. ZeroHedge


What’s the deal with Facebook? It is an evil company run by a psychopath. Like many rich, wicked men, Zuck has the ear of the leaders of this place because he’s a member of the Big Club. You and I are not. DNYUZ


Look out! Put all those other troubles aside for a day and behold THE GIANT AFRICAN DUST STORM OF DOOM!!!!! Sigh … I think we’ll make it. Those N-95s might finally come in handy though. Accuweather


By the time this one posts on Wednesday, the Supremes will have likely upheld the “right” to murder babies. Wicked nation, evil laws, and failed conservatives. The Hill


It’s all along the WATCHTOWER, with Lilly. She’s back at the camp, setting up an observation post – which may come in handy for us in the near future. A place to rig up the old M-249. Survival Lilly (VIDEO)




You Need God!


I give the final word today to Roosh V, because he has a message all young men and everyone else needs to hear. With the world out of whack, as he puts it: “You must suffer worldly loss to achieve spiritual gain.” Read his inspiring advice and story. Roosh

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