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Prepper Post News 6.25.2020


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s June 25, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


  • With the economic recession continuing and maybe worsening, the Fed is running low cons and options. We’ve known this for a while. It might be that ordinary people could wake up to this reality. If they do – or do not – then what? Dr. Ron Paul
  • It’s back to Great Recession levels of home sales! The stats are in for recent home sales in the US of A and they are not good. I wonder why? Reuters
  • Across the Pond there are “new” revelations about the English economy and their central banking scam. Well, yes, we have known all of this – about the UK and the US – for a long time, since before the current year. It’s interesting that they admit the truth as far as they’re able to. Express
  • With pandemics, depression, and riots/4G warfare, city slickers are naturally looking to flee to elsewhere. The good news is that they won’t run too far from the bright lights. The bad news is that they will bring their destructive ways with them, wherever they go. Mike Snyder
  • Pat Buchanan looks deep into the current mess and tries to figure out what’s ahead and whether there’s an end in sight. The present strategy of doing nothing is working well – for the mobs. Do we even have the fortitude to stand up as a nation anymore? Taki

Want to work for the dishonest lords of war and misinformation? Now may be your chance! The CIA is hiring and, in keeping with the new craziness, they’re doing it by app and video. I hear they’re running one heck of a national destabilization campaign right now. Good benefits too! *May cost you your conscience. Reuters

Forget the cats! This is not off topic, I swear! Read this short, sad story about dating profiles. The real takeaway is that women like men who are the opposite of “agreeable” and “open.” #GameTheory… CBS Denver


Cultural Illiteracy


When It’s More Than Books

Crisis on the crisis! Fr. George Rutler breaks down the underpinnings of the current war on the West as waged by the heathens in the streets. There’s a reason why the nightly news makes 1984 by Orwell sound pleasant. Crisis Magazine


Who Is Next?


Old Hickory, with the support of the police, successfully withstood the assault of the low-IQ mob. Watch the failure of the street thugs and enemies of civilization as they are defeated by the statue of the great, much-better-man-than-them Andrew Jackson. They’ll be back… RT

They’ve already been hard at work for years, in the schools and behind the scenes. Here is a great summary of why people know longer think critically, if at all. Read the Weaver passage carefully and you’ll notie that he is describing mental rape of children – and adults. Homeschool. Vox Day

When they come, if you’re able and it’s not a felony, you need to be ready to defend yourself. We are witnessing the collapse of law and order in the face of the mindless mob. It’s you and nobody else. Stand ready. LRC




Tired of COVID-19? Good, because here comes … COVID-20. The Chinese are seeing an upsurge – like it’s been planted or seeded – and they think it might be a new mutation. The good news, for them, is that they’re taking it seriously. Will we? UNZ


Watch these video shorts out of France. It does look a lot like America, with the tribal factions warring in the streets of a nation not their own. The grand takeaway is the guns. All the weapons you see are illegal in France, yet they are still there and being used openly with no interference from the police. A lesson for the patriots, if any and if necessary. AmRen


The riotous Albanians in France have effectively formed a militia to defend themselves and their interests. We used to do the same before intelligence went out of fashion. Might we reexamine the idea in light of recent events? NEO-C


We were told that the mean old Russians interfered with our precious 2016 presidential election. The left told us that. Now, in 2020, do we see the exact same thing not from Russia but from social media. Read about the TikTok attack on Tulsa! The libs seem a little silent on this – other than their gloating. Special prosecutor for them? CBS News


Now, we’re getting some admissions about where the cancel culture really wants to go and who the real target is. A coy admission from an SJW gives it all away.  Vox Day




The “Patriotism” Index


It turns out that where you live can affect how you view your country. Here’s a recent ranking of the states in terms of patriotism. Or, it might be by jingoism, if that makes a difference. New Hampshire is number one and NJ dead last. Many ways to read all of this; check it out. WalletHub

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