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Prepper Post 6/26/20


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s June 26, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


  • The CHAZ-CHOP place that should have never been is allegedly coming down. It only takes murder and rampant crime to get action out of a failed city government, This assumes they will be able to retake the lost ground. FOX
  • Army vetting must have hit a new low, as a soldier has been charged with giving classified troop info to Nazi Satanists. America in 2020… CBS
  • Could rank “militarism” be its own punishment and defeat? Along with affecting us and everyone else? There’s a noticeable pattern, even without defects to outright devil worshipers. BionicMosquito
  • The “War” at home is out of hand. A reporter is attacked by the mindless mob. Then, she is attacked by the mindless police. ‘Murica in 2020… Reason
  • Going to Europe? Better go now. Tomorrow, the EU may have a ban in place on US travelers because of the [virus]. Or, it could be a 14-day quarantine. Or, something. Europe in 2020… DNYUZ

No truth-teller is safe, not even the chaplain at MIT. Once again, if you make reasonable and truthful statements – especially in an environment where academic honesty and free speech are valued – everyone will attack you and you will be tossed aside like so much Fentanyl. Crisis Mag

America’s Color Revolution is underway… We’ve seen this, done this in countries around the world. Now, it’s our turn. These are not protests and riots. They are warfare aimed at bringing down what’s left. UNZ


Election 2020


How About President Biden?

Creepy Joe might be asleep in the basement, but he’s ahead in the polls – just like Clinton was in 2016! Here’s what the trend forecasters in London say: CNBC


Republicans To The Rescue! (Oh, Boy)


Trump campaigned on “build the wall.” So far, he’s managed to erect about 1% of new barrier on the porous 2,000-mile border. Success. Mission almost completely accomplished. Sleepy Joe could use this but probably won’t. Yahoo

Other Republicans, not content to merely look like possible idiots and losers, have pounced on a popular GOP candidate from Georgia. Her offense? She said a few reasonable and truthful things. With SJWs like these, who needs Stalinists? Politico

Another idiot Republican, George … started with a “B,” I think, gave us the Homeland Security hoax and boondoggle. Now, DHS is ramping up surveillance of federal employees and contractors – present and past. No hiding. NextGov




Here’s more on how the revolutions of color work, with some examples from our covert past. Compare this to a city near you. Global Research


Here’s a nut who caught a big shark at the beach with his bare hands. Don’t be this guy! If you haul the fish in, eat it. SUN


The NASCAR noose hoax should have been obvious from the start. Before the FBI announced it was a sham, a blogger beat them to it. The difference? He didn’t waste our tax money. Turn left? Turn it off.  ConservativeTreehouse


A less-hoaxy (maybe?) sport might return to the diamonds for a short season. Baseball, anyone? This assumes the second wave holds off and the stadiums aren’t burned down or occupied. ESPN


Here’s advice that is sadly in high demand these days – how to assess and triage injuries in the middle of SHTF. Paramedicine under fire. Organic Prepper




The Day The Music Died


Do you enjoy Chopin or Mozart? If so, you’re a racist. Yes, the syntactic masterpieces of great music are now on the cultural CHOPping block – as is just about everything else. [The 1812 Overture would be a great soundtrack to the reconquest of our nation!] PCR

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Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus saepe eveniet.


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