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Prepper News 6.29.2020


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s June 29, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Is The Damage Done?

  • Fred Reed writes profoundly about the changes, the differences, the craziness, and the terminal decline of the nation he knew (and had the sense to leave). He’s one of the few even willing to mention reality. Unz
  • Vox is another one of the few. Welcome to Post-American Amerika! The slight, nearly-imperceptible changes of 1965 had absolutely no effect whatsoever on the USA – said the liars who knew exactly what they were doing. Now, it’s done. Vox Day
  • The trash runs riot in Madison. I didn’t know that abolitionist Union officers who died fighting the CSA were also neo-Confederates. Learn something new each day! Thank Baphomet we have the enlightened mob to show us the truth. WS State-Journal
  • The good southern “peaceful protesters” use an old trick to spread new love – faking 911 calls to lure the police into ambuses. The TPD might want to replace their helicopter Night Suns with M18s. Tampa Bay Times
  • Going to Europe? Well, no, no you’re not. The EU, this Wednesday, will ban most Amerikan travelers. They must not want our third world problems. MSN

In Fact, They Certainly DO NOT, as indicated by the strong words (and actions) of leaders in Poland. They’ve watched the descent of the US and have no intention of allowing their coherent nation and their precious children to suffer the fate of our failed “experiments.” Azibase

There Is Hope In The Us – as told by one articulate and witty (must be homeschooled) GenZer. She sees the BS and calls it out. Why can’t most older, allegedly wiser people do the same? Wake up and stand up. InfoWars




Idiot Republicans Sign Them

GA Governor Brian Kemp is exactly what one would expect a weak, craven GOPer to be. He gladly signed an unnecessary and tilted “hate crime” bill into law, surrounded by what looks like the rejects from a mental institution. Georgia, your future is strong and secure! [rolls eyes] Augusta Chronicle


Economic Collapse! What’s That?


The people at something called the “IMF” must be a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists. That’s the only explanation for their babble about a “global economic collapse,” caused, they say, by some sort of cold bug. Where are the smart science lovers to set these nuts straight? The Hour

The vast right-wing infection has spread to some oceanic paper you’ve probably never heard of. This bunch is calling [current year] the Second Great Depression. Whatever could they mean? The Atlantic

Some would have us believe that things are not perfect – which is really hard to swallow, right? They say that homeowners – most of them? – are having trouble making mortgage payments. Leaving aside, how that statement affects the “ownership” part, I wonder who is getting the bailout. Something tells me it won’t be the poor people under water. CNBC




The US failed to flatten the curve and now the curve threatens to flatten us – at least those of us with horrible pre-existing conditions. A new record number of [virus] cases surfaces. Dr. Fauci can barely contain his grin. CNBC


Is this the “second wave?” And, was it planned? Gary Barnett thinks so and says as much. He sees this new record infection (and reaction thereto) as part of a scheme to keep the people paralyzed with fear. He predicts a round two, round three, four, etc, etc. Might be onto something. LRC


In a consolation prize ruling, The Nine ruled, 7-2, that the Trumpster may, if he choses, deport a few criminal invaders. How nice of them to read that law thing. Will OM get the ball rolling? There is no Wall in the way of sending (just a few) of the criminals back. My guess is that, a few show exceptions aside, he will do little to nothing. (He’ll brag though…) NPR


I keep repeating this, but your iPhone really is spying on you and tracking you. See how it’s internal map functions work to keep tabs on your every move. Smart phone. Dumb users? The Sun


Back to the Fifties! No, not with semi-coherent and sane nationalistic laws and such. Not with large V8 cars of steel. But, to the backyard bomb shelters! People the world over and taking a page from the prepper book and installing doomsday bunkers – and for more reasons than one might expect. We keep setting retro trends. DNYUZ




Remember When Fireworks Were For Celebrations?


No doubt you’ve constantly heard about both of these savage attacks from the mainstream media [SIC]. Avoid the cities. Avoid the packs. CCW! A riddle: can anyone think of a single reason any of these animals shouldn’t be put down immediately? No, no, neither can I. InfoWars (2 Videos)

Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem?

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