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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 2, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


World of Uncertainty

  • Here’s more on the latest fiction from the Russia, Russia, Russia nuts. Rest assured, there were no contracts on US soldiers in Afghanistan. It’s only more propaganda meant to distract and foment international trouble. MSN
  • When “intel sources” start talking it’s propaganda. Here’s proof from a journalist in Austria who saw it and lived it firsthand. GreanvillePost
  • The fixation leaks into the story (never-ending) about Trump’s abusive actions regarding world leaders on the telephone. There may be a grain of truth to these leads, and it is concerning, but why keep pushing the crazed neocon narrative? Oh, yeah … Bolton has a book to sell. CNN
  • So, Trump. And Biden. There’s an election coming, if you didn’t know. Not that it matters at this point – it does not. But, some folks are already seeing “nightmare” scenarios. Here are a few. TheWeek
  • Sad as it is to admit, but the time for political solutions is about over. Where are we headed? The answer may well be the NWO and world governance. You’re not voting your way out of this mess. Unz

Youtube continues the war on all things dissident. The social media giant, that survives somehow without profits, has banned more “white supremacists” – as defined by the SPLC… Among them – and some are real nuts – is Stefan Molyneux, one of the most level-headed and reasonable men on the web. Why silence him? Maybe the truth isn’t wanted on YT? Forbes

Pediatricians For Child Abuse! Here’s the press release from Amerika’s pediatricians wherein they approve of returning our children to the hell that is the public school system. Forget their CDC/WHO [virus] babbling. It’s the fact that they want the kids under the control of psychos and communists that give them away for what they are. Sad. AAP


New Again!


Rebuild Old Tools!

The one and only Lilly takes an old, worn-out screwdriver (which doesn’t look that bad) and makes it not only new again, but customized. This one is hard not to watch. Pay attention to the extreme detail in her designs. Mind you, this can be repeated with most hand tools. Get busy! Survival Lilly (VIDEO)


American Turnings


Wear the mask! It’s the “law” in many states and cities to comply with the fear (and the ADA violations). If you don’t, then you could end up beaten and arrested like this guy in NC. Don’t be like this guy in NC… Charlotte Observer

If you don’t want to risk getting run over and then arrested anyway for a felony, then don’t act like this idiotic “peaceful protester” in Tampa. Actions have consequences, even for the BLMers. Tampa Bay Times

And, if you don’t want to get shot dead, then DO NOT be this fool in Seattle. I’ve always advised staying far away from known trouble spots, like CHOP. Drive in shooting, and expect to get shot. It’s simple.  DailyMail




Perhaps you’ve heard of the latest “conservative” neocon-approved social, Parler. I sensed, when I first heard about it, another SJW trap. And now, they’re already banning people – in spite of their “free speech” thing. Parler Trick… TechDirt


The Covid… Whether it’s the first wave ongoing, or a second phase, it’s still in the news. And states are reacting, some of them, by reinstituting their closures, bans, and mask ordinances. Here we go again? AP


The breadlines are also back – if they ever went away. I suppose this is because of the [virus] and not the economic collapse. Not a healthy nation, folks. Prepare for more and worse. ZeroHedge


With or without a pandemic, it’s nice to think that hotels wash the sheets between quest stays. Some, in NYC, do not – including one owned by your President. Read more about the dirty laundry. Yuck… NYPost


Wait a minute! Things must be a-okay after all! Why else would “men” be spending big money on makeup(!??!) – for themselves, not their wives? It’s such a big trend – shame on you for not knowing already – that CVS is carrying some of the … stuff and whatnot. Rainbows and lollipops. MSN




The Ultimate Prep For A Gas Shortage


Forget Perrin’s patented gasoline storage depot (Patent “pending”). What if the gas runs out entirely, as it has in parts of Venezuela? Then, making your own from organic wastes may be the only option if you want to keep motoring. Here’s a starter for the process. Organic Prepper

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