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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 6, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Life and Health in the “New Normal”

  • Americans were woefully out of shape before the [virus] came to town. Now, many of those who tried to work out haven’t been in the gyms for months. 25% say they will never go back. StudyFinds
  • And, more and more Americans are leaving the country and saying they’ll never be back. Many say taxes are the reason. I could think of some more pressing, but whatever. CNBC
  • It’s [virus] “vaccine” test time and Africans are leery. They’ve been guinea pigs in horrible, deadly trials in the past. Whatever could they be worried about? FOX5
  • You might want to worry about your phone and how “your” government may abuse it – in the name of fighting the [virus]. There’s more than just the alert system cries, rumors in the EU say that Big Tech is sneaking [virus]-tracking apps into the OSs. Faraday! InfoWars
  • Hot and bothered? Don’t worry about it; soon, everywhere you go, they’ll be scanning you with infrared cameras. For your own good, of course! They say the backups will be by mouth – for now… DNYUZ

Survey Says! Americans are increasingly worried about life in the new abnormal. Check where you stand on the charts of unease. Gallup

Okay. Here’s the Phone App craziness I noted earlier. In Germany, folks are noticing something new in their settings – on iPhones and Androids. Check your device today. Do not activate this – as if we really have choices anymore – or else you’re only in for more and more and more spying. For your own good, of course! TheSun


“Pizzagate” is an Obvious Hoax


It’s not like they’re arresting international pedos or anything…

Hey! They just arrested alleged international pedo, Ghislaine Maxwell, up in NH. She was Epstein’s Mossad handler for years and probably has the dirt on everyone. I’ll report her “suicide” as soon as they murder her. DailyMail


International Affairs


President Trump (not Orange Man, today) refuted the latest Russia! Insanity by calling the unfounded and shifting accusations about bounties in Afghanistan a hoax. This may save lives, friends. It also shows that the neocon nuts are still neocons and nuts. TheHill

The Empire, OM’s acquiescence or not, is prepared to commit piracy on the high seas in another episode of not minding our own darned business. Iran and Venezuela! What is the deal? It’s not like OUR COUNTRY is in flames or anything. WSJ

And, in Iran, something happened at some nuclear and weapons sites. Speculation abounds as to an Israeli sneak attack. The F-35 thing kind of disproves that – planes that can’t fly don’t fly missions. Anyway, whatever, let us let it stay OVER THERE! Times-OF-Israel




Good news, again, on the 2A front! Gun sales once again soared as America dips further into insanity and seeming civil war. The bad news might be that you may be prosecuted for defending yourself with the newly purchased guns. AP


Along with defending yourself, you can no longer make sensible statements, such as valuing all lives. This goes double if you’re a nursing school dean. Yeah, that sounds odd – canning any kind of nurse during a pandemic. Of course, this is UMASS Lowell. ZeroHedge


Attention! Attention! We now have a problem with “racist” fish. Seriously. They just attacked the Little Mermaid statue in Denmark. Why? Because utterly insane. RT


Mexico is closing the border with the US! That’s right. Because Arizona cannot control the [virus], Sonora is shutting the door on third-world Amerika. No word on whether illegals going north will be affected. AZCentral


Could a President Carlson build the wall? We might find out if Tucker C runs for office. The popular FOX host is a budding favorite among people who still play the practical politics fantasy game. See the next story for why that probably no longer matters. Politico




Does This Election Even Matter?


That’s what The Saker asks in a recent column. I’m going with “no,” as we’ve run past the point where electoral politics and legal options are of any use. Read more and see which option you find appealing – if any. UNZ

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