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Prepper News – 7/8/2020


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 8, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


More New Abnormal!

  • If you like your mask, you can wear your mask. Forever, it seems. One expert sees the craziness extending on and on and on. CNET
  • And for the oddest reasons, if any, crime is soaring across America, particularly in the cities. There must be something about tall buildings that causes crime. No wonder people want to flee the metros. MikeSnyder
  • When they flee, they’ll be coming to your town. Keep an eye on these people as many of them will happily and immediately start repeating the patterns that helped destroy the places they just fled from. TheHill
  • Vandals v. Vandals – in a city near you. Some alleged Trumpsters covered up the street graffiti left to honor the BLM terrorist movement. At least someone is doing something, right? USAToday
  • Here’s the VIDEO of the incident. If any vandals are ever prosecuted in this hoax nation, odds are it will be these two. 

What if Maxwell Does NOT Commit “Suicide” and instead tells ALL? Many powerful and evil people are nervous. The most powerful and evil are in and around the imperial cabal in DC. Can any of us handle all of the truth? JUST KIDDING! MCC. Hung herself. Case close. Memory hole. Medium

Orange Man called for a “Garden of Heroes” or something, another costly monument in DC for dead legends. We used to have a place like that. It was this large area kind of between Canada and Mexico. Someone burned it down. UNZ


Civil War


Is It Already Under Way?

History never repeats, until it does. Fast forward 155 years and we’re set for another terminal bout of civil distention. Some question whether this could possibly happen. Others acknowledge that it already has. LRC


All Things Converged


Maybe stay off of Boeing planes from now on. They’ve had issues, cancelations, and crashes. Now, they’ve fully bowed to the false gods of the multi-cult. From engineering to social justice – harbingers of collapse. VoxDay

SJWs are some of the biggest proponents of the new normal of failed collectivism. And, surprise, surprise, they make terrible, complaining, time-wasting workers. Root them out or else go the way of Boeing. InfoWars

And, the Mark of the Digital Beast marches closer and closer. Prepare for the possible reality of a world without cash money. This means either bartering, coming up with a gold currency, or being slaves. DNYUZ




New York City was a great place – a loooong time ago. Now, thanks to savages and weaklings in office, it is a sheer living hell. It’s no wonder people are moving, but watch them continue to elect and champion the same dregs that caused the riot and ruin. DailyMail


Wait, no, it’s you. You, if you refuse to participate in the fear and madness, are causing the trouble. No masks = business failure, says a failure of a business paper. Really, you’re as bad as tall buildings. BusinessInsider


In fact, your refusal to wear a mask caused the statue of Christopher Columbus to tear itself down and throw itself in the harbor in Baltimore. What? Do you want him swimming back to Europe or something? Breitbart


In Georgia, the mob came for the state headquarters of the Department of Public Safety, smashing it up and almost burning it down. Governor Kemp’s response? Strong words, of course. Very Republican of him. Bow Tie Award! I suppose they must be out of bullets in GA. AJC


With all that’s happening, it’s not surprising that many of the down and out are looking forward to any kind of sporting activity – as long as they can sit on the couch, of course. Now, as last month, the seasons look rather iffy. At least we still have our statues. Axios




Things Will Change and Stay the Same


The virus just will not go away, regardless of mask, herd immunity, or anything else. The second (and presumably third, fourth, etc) wave is planned and standing by. This will keep us used to perpetual disruption. Here’s what you need to do to survive the new abnormal. OrganicPrepper

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